Black Label


Professional grade haze disperses in large venues while maintaining beam refraction to yield crisp laser and projector effects with transparent sight lines.  Long lasting effect uses less fluid than standard H2O Haze, and compatible with all water-based haze machines. Glycerin free.
  • Formulated for optimal performance<br>Ideal for large venues

  • Created from U.S. Pharmacopeial-grade ingredients for consistency and reliability
  • Made in the USA to ISO 9001 standards; 100% traceable
  • Glycerin-free formulas extend life of fog machines
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Color / Transparency: 2
  • Hang Time: 5
  • Dispersion: 5
  • Dissipation: 5
  • Locations: Indoor / Large Venues
  • Machine Compatibility: Water Based Hazer

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