Bill Lawrence


The Bill Lawrence A-245C, AKA "The Silencer," is a silent soundhole pickup for acoustic guitar. Perfectly balanced for bronze wound strings, the A-245C gives you a warm, natural acoustic sound at high volume levels without feedback.With 12 foot custom designed, low loss cable and an easily accessible volume control, the A-245C is the perfect and best sounding acoustic soundhole pickup. The pickup is 'spring loaded' to easily fit into the soundhole of most acoustic guitars. All Bill Lawrence pickups are made in the USA.

Features of the Bill Lawrence A-245C for Acoustic Guitar:

Rugged, innovative design allows instant installation
Easily accessible volume control
fully shielded
12 foot custom designed low loss cable
5 year warranty
Made in the USA

Trademark Disclaimer:

These products are the Original Bill Lawrence Pickups made and endorsed by the founder of the 1965 Bill Lawrence Guitar pickup company, Jzchak Wajcman. He is the sole legal owner of the trademark "Bill Lawrence" for use on musical products and the exclusive source for manufacturing of all Bill Lawrence Products. Jzchak Wajcman DBA Bill Lawrence USA is not associated with the designer Bill Lawrence since 1984.