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Best Service Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices

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Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices was created by award-winning film composer Marcel Barsotti ("Die P¤pstin," - Deutschland, "Ein Sommerm¤rchen," and "Das Wunder von Bern"). He has already won several awards, having composed music for more than 60 cinema, advertising, and television films, and his musicians have been placed in the charts several ...  Click To Read More About This Product

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Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices was created by award-winning film composer Marcel Barsotti ("Die P¤pstin," - Deutschland, "Ein Sommerm¤rchen," and "Das Wunder von Bern"). He has already won several awards, having composed music for more than 60 cinema, advertising, and television films, and his musicians have been placed in the charts several times.

Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices contains more than 240 professionally recorded ethnic instruments and more than 18.000 high-quality samples in the following categories: Bowed Instruments, Stringed Instruments, Woodwind & Brass, Key Instruments, Bell Type Instruments, Metal Type Instruments, World Drums, World Percussion, Gongs & Bowls, and the new category of Voices & Choirs.

Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices contains the entire library "Ethno World 4 Professional" and an additional 10GB with about 5,500 new samples. Thereby, Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices with its 20GB content (uncompressed) and more than 800 patches is one of the largest ethnic sample libraries in the world.

The latest addition to this collection is 25 professionally recorded solo-voices from all over the world and an Ethnic Chamber Choir with over 3.800 new samples and phrases. You will find voices from North America, Cameroon, Guinea, China, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, North Afrika and Peru.

With the highly improved Legato-Mode, in combination with several voice-articulations, you now have the possibility to record realistic vocal lines. Another highlight for all film composers are the new Taiko Drums and Big Ethnic Tom Drums, consisting of individual samples (left and right hand) and hundreds of inspiring loops. In the woodwinds section you will find the famous Ney flute (Iran), the Pivana & Tenor Pivana flute (Corsica), the very meticulously recorded pan flute and human whistling. The category Metal Type Instruments there is an all new large selection of Hi-End Crash, Splash, Ride & China Cymbals with Hits, Swells and Loops, the Big Feng Gong, and fine, glistening Windchimes. The string instruments category has been updated with a Bandura from the Ukraine.

Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices has tapped into a new dimension with KONTAKT 4 and outstanding programming. A new instrument interface allows you via the new quick edit page to directly access all the essential parameters and thereby offers a more intuitive handling of ethno world instruments. By integration of the convolution reverb the instruments sound more natural. The realtime automation has been greatly simplified. Furthermore, elastic audio Time Machine II lets you transpose any instrument phrase and playing style. With sample start-shift you can determine when a lick should begin. All drum & percussion loops and every solo loop can be synchronized by Beatmachine II to any tempo or by the host sequencer. Also every loop is individually programmable. For solo instruments there is the new legato mode. With the humanize mode every note has a slightly different tone. And micro-tuning allows any type of tuning and ethnic scales.


All EW5 PRO & VOICES instruments and voices are played by renowned musicians & singers under the direction of Andreas Hofner and Marcel Barsotti

Instruments and Voices:
Bell Type Instruments:
Bamboo Vibraphone
Bhutan Bells
China Finger Cymbals
Dream Catcher
Gamelan Crash Bells
Iran Fingercymbals
Mini Bells
Saron Gamelan
Shanghai Baby Piano
Small Burma Bells
Small Tubular Bells
Tibetan Cymbals
Tibetan Singing Bells
Vietnam Bells
Windchimes Ethno World

Bowed Instruments:
Egyptian Fiddle
Ih Khuur Bass
Jinghu Operaviolin
Morin Khuur Strings Ensemble
Morin Khuur Violin
Small Morin Khuur
Western Fiddle Licks

Construction Sets:
China Set 100
China Set 120
China Set 140
Mid East Set 100
Mid East Set 120
Mid East Set 140
Mid East Set 80

Gongs & Bowls:
Big FengGong
Big Rako Bowls
Big Tibetan Singing Bowls
Gong Besar 18"
Java Gong
Mongolian Gong
Rin Singing Bowls
Tam Tam Besar
Thai Gong 14"
Wuhan Tam Tam

Key Instruments:
Dallape Accordion
Scale Changer Harmonium India

Metal Type Instruments:
Bass Kalimba
Hand Cymbals
Jews Harp
Kalimba Kibirizi 15 tuning Plates
Kalimba Kibirizi 5 tuning Plates
Kalimba Hugh Tracey
Metal Squares
Military Cymbals
Mongolian Jews Harp

Stringed Instruments:
Acoustic Bass Vester
Banjo Framus
Big Erhu Plectrum Violin
Bouzouki Sakis
Ceylon Guitar
Contra Guitar F-Bass
Grand Monochord
Joochin Dulcimer
Mandolin Truxa
Oud Licks
Resonator Guitar
Santoor Saberi
Saz Licks
Small Erhu Plectrum Violin
Small Kantele
Steel String Guitar Falcon
Turke Saz
Zheng Harp
Zsoura Sakis

Voices & Choirs:
Boy´s Voices
Bulgarian Female Voices
Cameroon Male Voices
Chinese Voices
Ethnic Chamber Choir
European Ethnic Choir
Fouxi European Ethnic Voices
Gregorian Chants
Guinean Male Voices
Human Whistling
Lipa European Ethnic Voices
Mongolian Female Solo Vocals
Mongolian Male Khoomii Overtone Vocals
Mongolian Male Solo Vocals
Mongolian Male Subtone Vocals
Mongolian Vocal Ensemble
Nanina European Ethnic Voices
Native American Original Chants
Native American Style Chants
Neda Iranian & Arabian Voices
Paulo European Ethnic Voices
Peruvian Male Voices
Ponchi European Ethnic Voices
Turkish Male Voices
Ukrainian Traditional Songs
Wolfgang European Ethnic Voices

Woodwinds & Brass:
Bamboo Flute
Ceylon Snake Charmer
Dagoba Flute
Dung Dkar Conch Trumpets
Dvojacka Doubletone Flute
Flute Phrases
Fujara Flute
Fujara Overtone Flute
Hawaiian Shellhorn
Indian Snake Charmer
Irish Low Whistle
Irish Traverse Flute
Low Whistle Licks
Mexican Piccolo Flute
Moceno Bassflute
Ney Flute
Overton Irish Whistle
Overton Irish Whistle Licks
Panflute Canira
Peruvian Double Ocarina
Peruvian Ocarina
Pinkillo Flute
Pivana Flute
Rag Dun Horns
Shiva Flute
Susato Whistle
Tenor Pivana Flute
Tenor Recorder
Tin Whistle LIcks
Uilleann Pipes
Various Ocarinas
Zukra Bagpipe

World Drums:
African Donn Donn Drum
Bass Cajon
Bass Skin Udu
Bendir Framedrum
Big Ethnic Tom Drums
Big hand Drum
Ceremony Drum
Flat Udu
Gon Bops Cuica Drum
Gran Military Cassa
Indian Tablas
Iran Bongos
Madal Drum
Military Snaredrum
Mongolian Framedrum
Mongolian Hengereg Drum
Moroccon Conga
Piccolo Military Snaredrum
Pitched Timbales
Small Cassa
Small Derbuka
Taiko Drums
Talking Drum
Tambourine Drum
Traditional Bongos
Tunis Ceremony Drum

World Percussion:
African Rice Shaker
African Xylophone
Afuche Cabasa
American Woodblocks
Angklung Gamelan
Bamboo Windchimes
Baobab Shaker
Chi Gong Balls
Chicken Eggs
Cola Shaker
Drum Pots
Gamelan Wooden Cowbell
Gon Bops Cuica
Headless Tambourine
Log drum
Metal Guiro Shaker
Mixed Wood Percussion
Mongolian Bones Shaker
Nut Shaker
Rattle Shaker
Shaker Sets
Shell Shekere
Small Chickeneggs
Small Maracas
Spring Drums
Tambourine Drum
Traditional Cowbells
Tunis Tambourine
Various Maracas
Wood Shaker
Wooden Bells
Wrist Jingles
System Requirements
NI KONTAKT Player 4 included in this product

Windows XP (SP2 )/ Vista/ Win7 (32-bit/64-bit),
Pentium or Athlon XP 1.4GHz, min. 2GB RAM

OSX 10.5 / 10.6
Intel (!!!) Core Duo 1.66GHz, min. 2GB RAM

1GB free disc space for player installation
additional hard disc space according to the library size
Internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)
DVD drive

The latest version of KONTAKT Player is available through your Native Instruments Service Center

Note on Support for KONTAKT Player products:
Native Instruments only provides Registration/Activation support for KONTAKT Player products. Technical support is managed by the manufacturer of the respective products/libraries.
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