Berklee Press


Get organized, and take charge of your music projects! This book will help you harness your creativity into clear visions and effective work plans. Whether you are producing a recording, going on tour, developing a studio, launching a business, running a marketing campaign, creating a music curriculum, or any other project in the music industry, these road-tested strategies will help you to succeed. Learn how to:
  • Clarify your visions, and develop systems to make them become real
  • estimate and manage your projects' required budgets, resources, and schedules
  • Manage teams effectively, delegating tasks, harnessing the creativity of team members, and monitoring progress towards achieving your goals
  • Develop and track contracts, copyright forms, ISRC codes, insurance policies, production schedules, stage layout plans, and other music industry tools
  • Organize your project office and workflow for maximum efficiency
  • Analyze and mitigate risk, and solve problems
  • Develop mechanisms for building institutional memory
ISBN 9780876391358