Bergerault Performance Series Glockenspiels feature oversized, non-reflective alloy/steel bars. They use a specially developed mixture of alloys that gives the bars a unique bell-like chime and offers excellent stability and in all environments. This glockenspiel also features charcoal powder-coated resonators and an extended sustain pedal for more control and articulation. It’s also got a height-adjustable field cart and no-flat locking tires so any player can perform comfortably. Performance Series Glockenspiels are high quality, competition-grade instruments, perfect for adding that necessary brightness and high-end presence to your ensemble's sound.
  • 3.0 octave, F5-E8
  • 30 mm alloy steel bars
  • Charcoal powder-coated resonators
  • Extended pedal
  • 8” no-flat tires
  • Includes cover