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The Behringer BC1500 provides a premium 7-piece drum microphone set for capturing every nuance of your kit, from kick to snare to cymbals. With large, medium and small diaphragm mics precisely tuned for each element, it ensures accurate sound reproduction whether recording or playing live.

Capture Kick Drum's Attack and Resonance

The BC1500's large diaphragm C112 kick drum mic enables you to precisely tune the kick's attack and resonance. Position it just inside the drum opening aimed at the beater for more punch or towards the edge for boom. The C112's tuning captures the kick drum's tone with stunning accuracy.

Tom and Snare Mics Attach for Full-Bodied Tone

The set's TM1500 medium diaphragm mics attach to tom rims and snare bodies so you can angle each one towards drumheads for robust reproduction. Their precise tuning ensures your rack, floor and snare toms come through with clear, full-bodied tone.

Condensers Reproduce Cymbals' Delicate Tones

Small diaphragm CM1500 condenser mics position over cymbals to capture intricate textures and silky tones. Their directional design and built-in pad produce detailed cymbal reproduction. With phantom power, the condensers reproduce intricate cymbal work.

Rugged Construction Withstands Recording Sessions

The BC1500 set comes in a protective case for safe transport and storage. With sturdy die-cast construction, the mics withstand long sessions while capturing your drum kit accurately. Windscreens guard against plosives.

For drummers and sound engineers, the BC1500 provides an affordable 7-piece microphone set with pro-grade sound. With specialized mics for each element, it enables clear, nuanced drum reproduction for both live gigs and studio work.

Behringer BC1500 Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set
Behringer BC1500 Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set
Behringer BC1500 Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set

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  • Set of 7 high-performing mics tuned and matched to capture every nuance of a full drum kit
  • Ideal for studio recordings and live performances