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Bb Tubas

Offering a deep, resounding sound, the Bb tuba is the lowest pitched instrument in the brass family. They're the tuba you'll most likely hear in marching bands and full orchestras and are favored among amateur and professional musicians alike for their sheer power, playability and unmistakable tone. From top-of-the-line custom tubas to mid-range models and more reasonable student options, this section is jam-packed with a wide variety of Bb tubas that cater to every skill level and playing style. Bb tubas come in many different sizes, with the most common being 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4. While there is not one tuba size that is better than another, factors like your body type and the style of music you play will give you an idea of which one is the right fit. If you have larger hands and are inclined to play an instrument that is preferred by many of the world's great tubists, check out the Model 5433 Grand Series 5-Valve 5/4 BBb Tuba from Kanstul. This professional level tuba is outfitted with a special alloy bell, hand-lapped monel pistons and a removable valve section. The Model 5433 Grand is tested by a professional tubist before it's shipped - so you can start playing it as soon as you take it out of its case. Or, maybe you have a smaller frame and are in the market for an instrument that will sound fantastic without breaking the bank - if so, then take a look at The Allora AATU-105P 4-Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba. Ideal for middle and high school ensembles, the AATU is reasonably priced and offers student musicians the perfect start to their musical careers. Another top-selling tuba in the Allora AATU series is the 105R Series 4-Rotary Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba. Slightly bigger than the 3/4 size 105P, this low-maintenance tuba is a great choice for the advancing student, band director or amateur tubist who wants an affordable tuba that's equipped with rotary valves. To say that the tuba commands attention would be an understatement. With its instantly recognizable tone, the Bb tuba is an instrument that's respected and recognized for its larger-than-life size and booming low end. Whether you're searching for your first tuba or think you're ready to move up from your student or intermediate model, you're bound to find the perfect tuba right here.