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Bring seismic rumble to your drum kit with the Bass Drum O's Bass Drum Port Ring. This premium bass drum port protector allows you to cut a hole in your bass drumhead without worry, shielding the edge from damage while producing a resonant tone with serious punch. Constructed of durable brass, the 6" Bass Drum O's slips over your porthole to provide a clean, reinforced edge. Its sleek chrome finish complements any drum set aesthetic.

Protect Your Port and Enhance Low-End Response

Once you've cut a porthole in your bass drumhead, the Bass Drum O's helps prevent rips, tears and fraying around the edge. Its solid brass material also amplifies low frequencies for a huge, resonant kick drum sound with just the right amount of attack. You'll get all the tonal benefits of a ported kick drum without sacrificing head integrity or durability.

Slip-On Installation Takes Minutes

The Bass Drum O's installs in mere minutes using the included adhesive rings, allowing you to get back to making music in no time. Simply clean and rough up the area around your porthole, peel off the adhesive backing and slip the Bass Drum O's over the edge. Press firmly to secure in place. An included alcohol swab ensures a clean surface for permanent adhesion.

Express Yourself with Custom Port Design

Not only does the Bass Drum Os provide essential protection and enhanced tone, it allows you to customize your bass drum's appearance. Cut multiple portholes in different sizes and patterns, then outfit each opening with a Bass Drum O's for a one-of-a-kind look that matches your drum set esthetic. With diameters of 2", 4" and 6", the options for creativity are endless.

Premium Components and Lifetime Guarantee

Like all Drum O's products, the Bass Drum O's Bass Drum Port Ring is constructed from high-quality, durable components and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Bass Drum O's Bass Drum O Port Ring Brass 6 in.
Bass Drum O's Bass Drum O Port Ring Brass 6 in.
Bass Drum O's Bass Drum O Port Ring Brass 6 in.

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