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Bass Amplifiers

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    Markbass Traveler 102P Rear-Ported Compact 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $395.99
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  2. Top Rated
    Markbass Little Mark Vintage 500W Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $703.99
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  3. Top Rated
    Ampeg SVT-CL Classic Bass Head
    Your Price $1,759.99
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  4. Open Box
    Gallien-Krueger Legacy 800 800W Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $791.12
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  5. Top Rated
    Markbass CMD Super Combo K1 Alain Caron Signature 500W 1x12 Bass Combo Amplifier
    Your Price $1,319.12
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  6. Open Box
    Markbass Ninja 102 500 Richard Bona Signature 500W 2x10 Bass Combo Amp
    Your Price $879.12
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  7. Top Rated
    Ampeg Portaflex PF800 800W Class-D Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $615.99
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  8. Open Box
    Aguilar SL 410x 800W 4x10 4 ohm Super-Light Bass Cabinet
    Your Price $1,231.12
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  9. Top Rated
    Ampeg SVT-3PRO Series Head
    Your Price $1,099.99
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  10. Top Rated
    Ampeg PF-115HE Portaflex 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $395.99
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  11. Top Rated
    Ampeg SVT-4 PRO Series Bass Head
    Your Price $1,495.99
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  12. Open Box
    Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $395.99
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  13. Top Rated
    Markbass New York 151 Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $439.99
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  14. Open Box
    Aguilar DB  410 4x10 Inch Bass Cabinet
    Your Price $999.99
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  15. Top Rated
    Orange Amplifiers OB1-500 500W Analog Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $791.12
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  16. Top Rated
    Ampeg Micro-VR 200W Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $307.99
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  17. Open Box
    Ampeg Portaflex Series PF-410HLF 4x10 800W Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $571.99
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  18. Open Box
    Phil Jones Bass Double Four 70W Bass Combo Amp
    Your Price $422.39
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  19. Top Rated
    Laney MINI-BASS-NX 9W 2x3 Bass Combo Amp
    Your Price $102.07
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  20. Top Rated
    Ampeg PF-350 Portaflex 350W Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $307.99
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  21. Top Rated
    Markbass Little Marcus 500 Marcus Miller Signature 500W Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $527.99
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  22. Top Rated
    Markbass New York 151 Black 300W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $263.12
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  23. Top Rated
    Fender Bassman Pro 115 1x15 Neo Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $604.49
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  24. Top Rated
    Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head
    Your Price $1,999.99
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  25. Top Rated
    Markbass Little Mark Tube Bass Amp Head
    Your Price $599.99
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  26. Open Box
    Markbass Standard 108HR 1200W 8x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $879.99
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  27. Open Box
    Gallien-Krueger CX210 400W 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
    Your Price $342.32
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  28. Open Box
    Radial Engineering Bassbone OD Bass Preamp With Overdrive
    Your Price $325.49
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  29. Top Rated
    Ampeg SVT-410HE Bass Enclosure
    Your Price $659.99
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  30. Open Box
    Aguilar DB 210 2x10 Bass Cabinet
    Your Price $747.12
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    $747.12 +
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Bass Amplifiers:

Bass amplifiers are distinct from other types of amplification systems due to the particular challenges associated with low-frequency sound reproduction. This distinction affects the design of the loudspeakers and the speaker cabinet, as well as the preamp and amplifier.

Speaker cabinets for bass instrument amplification usually incorporate larger (or more) loudspeakers than those used for the amplification of other instruments. The loudspeakers themselves must also be sturdier to handle the higher power levels. Bass instrument speaker cabinets are typically more rigidly constructed and heavily braced than those for non-bass instrument amplification. They usually include tuned bass reflex ports or vents for increased efficiency at low frequencies.

Bass amplifiers are more likely to be designed with cooling fans than regular guitar amplifiers, due to the high power demands of bass amplification. They are also more commonly equipped with limiter circuitry to prevent overloading the power amplifier and to protect the speakers from damage.

Tube Bass Amps

Vacuum tubes were the dominant active electronic components in bass amplifiers manufactured until the early 1970s, and tubes continue to be used for higher-end units. Many bass players believe that tube amplifiers produce a "warmer" or more "natural" sound than solid-state amplifiers when lightly or moderately driven, and more pleasing distortion characteristics when overdriven. Some also believe that they have a greater level of perceived loudness for a given amount of amplifier power.

Solid-state Bass Amps

During the 1960s and 1970s, semiconductor transistor-based amplifiers began to become popular. This was, in large part, because solid-state amps are less expensive, lighter weight, and require less maintenance than tube amplifiers. In some cases, tube and solid-state technologies are used together, usually with a tube preamp driving a solid-state power amplifier. There is also an increasing range of products that use digital signal processing and digital modeling technology to simulate many different combinations of amp and cabinets.

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