Balter Mallets


A bold take on a percussion standby

Mike Balter Grandioso Unwound Brass Mallets are similar to other mallets from the Unwound series, but bigger and bolder, with longer shafts and heavier cores for a fuller sound. As with other Balter product families, development of the Grandioso Series followed the evolution of music. As percussion ensembles began getting larger — and the instruments used within them began to change (marimbas began expanding to 5 octaves, for instance) — the added projection of the Grandioso Series became a must-have sound.

Michael Balter

Behind every Mike Balter mallet, there is Michael Balter. As a first-call percussionist and drummer based in Chicago, Mike was acutely aware of the need for quality mallets. Drawing upon his years of experience as a professional percussionist and drummer, Mike has developed the finest quality and most extensive line of mallets produced today.