The +10db Compressor from Boz Digital Labs was created in collaboration with award-winning mixer and producer David Bendeth, as part of his signature series of plug-ins. London England-born David Bendeth has been around music and musicians most of his life as a Guitarist, songwriter, producer and A&R executive and has recorded some big names in rock including Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore and many more. This signature plug-in compressor was meticulously modeled an iconic hardware channel strip, David's own personal unit from his studio. You get all of the functionality of the original hardware, with some added features found only in the plug-in version including a "Dry Passthrough feature that makes parallel compression easy and intuitive. 
  • Modeled after a highly sought after hardware channel strip compressor
  • Created in collaboration with producer/mixer David Bendeth
  • Added software features in addition to the original unit functions
  • Same iconic sound as found on some of the most influential albums ever

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