The TU-02 Clip-on Tuner from Boss tunes a variety of instruments with its versatile modes and quick-change design. The easy-to-use tuner features modes for guitar, 4- and 5-string bass and ukulele, as well as chromatic mode for alternate tunings and other stringed instruments. The clip-on tuner supports flat tuning over a range of two semitones and is great for players who like to tune low for a heavier sound. With adjustable calibration from 430 to 450 Hz, the tuner can be set to a reference other than the default 440 Hz standard if needed.
  • Compact and accurate clip-on tuner with high-contrast color display
  • Four tuning modes: Chromatic, guitar, bass and ukulele
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous runtime with CR2032 lithium battery
  • Auto power off feature conserves battery life when not in use
Boss pedals - 5 year parts warranty
90 day labor warranty.
1 year warranty - Multitracks, Jamstations, etc.
Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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