BAC Music


The B.A.C. Artist Series instruments were inspired after years of developing Custom hand-made instruments. The objective for this value-conscious professional line was to provide musicians the opportunity to experience this unique approach to design. With stunning aesthetic features, intelligent design and high-quality deluxe cases, these instruments have quickly become preferred and recommended by professionals across the industry.
  • .500" Bore with 8" yellow brass bell
    Nickel-silver handslide with fast action
  • Yellow brass tuning slide
  • Beautiful satin finish with lightweight lacquer
  • Hand-engraved
  • 500" Bore
  • 8" Yellow brass bell
  • Reso-tempered bell
  • Nickel-silver Handslide
  • Yellow brass tuning slide
  • Satin finish-lightweight lacquer
  • Hand-engraved bell
  • Deluxe case
  • 12C mouthpiece