Pro Tools | HDX is the real-time mixing and processing engine at the heart of a fully optimized Pro Tools hardware, software, and control surface solution. As the hardware extension of Pro Tools | Ultimate software, it delivers the DSP power, scalability, and reliable performance that make the most demanding music and audio post-production workflows possible. Driven by 18 processing cores, HDX is more powerful than any DSP solution, providing precision-timed mixing, routing, automation, and plugin performance without taxing your computer’s CPU. Experience the most intuitive and creative DSP tracking and mixing workflows, all in Pro Tools | Ultimate. Combined with Pro Tools hardware interfaces, you can scale your system’s DSP and I/O capacity to meet your specific needs — whether you’re recording musicians or re-recording in Dolby Atmos.

Creating, Mixing and More
With Pro Tools | HDX, engineers and producers will enjoy an uninterrupted, seamlessly integrated tracking and mixing workflow. A purpose-designed creative solution, Pro Tools | HDX enables you to create entirely within Pro Tools | Ultimate at every stage. Track through AAX DSP plugins with zero latency monitoring. Mix complex sessions and cue sends easily. Offload plugin processing from your host CPU. And use outboard gear as if it’s a plugin in your session.

From multi-operator Avid S6 Dolby Atmos mixes, to mission-critical ADR, Pro Tools | HDX also drives audio post production. Audio post facilities require the guaranteed performance, lowest latency, and expansive surround and immersive audio workflows that Pro Tools | HDX delivers. Achieve zero audible latency when tracking ADR, voiceovers, and Foley, enabling talent to deliver their best performances in fewer takes. Install up to three HDX cards per system, providing up to 192 I/O channels and 768 guaranteed voices to handle the largest sessions. Sync and control up to 12 Pro Tools | Ultimate systems as one from a single transport using Satellite Link.

Every system element provides deep EUCON integration, so you rarely have to touch your keyboard and mouse, making automation written with Avid S1, S4, and S6 precise, snappy, and accurate.

The Heart of the Complete Pro Tools Solution
Pro Tools is more than just software — it’s a complete hardware, software, and control surface solution. And Pro Tools | HDX makes this a fully optimized reality. As the DSP nerve center and hardware extension of Pro Tools | Ultimate software, it delivers the lowest latency, the utmost reliability, and a premium tracking and mixing experience. Integrate Pro Tools audio interfaces to configure the system with the I/O you need for your specific workflow, with pristine sound quality and modular flexibility. Plus, you can connect HDX through Thunderbolt 3 to build a system around today’s most powerful computers.

Unrivaled DSP Power
Pro Tools | HDX is the industry’s most powerful DSP platform, providing 18 TI FPGA chips per card and 6,300 MHz aggregate processing, so you can handle the largest, most complex sessions with confidence. Record and mix thousands of tracks and plugins in real time. And monitor your system performance, so you always know if you have the headroom to add more AAX DSP plugins to your mix.

For everything from Grammy Award-winning songs, to Oscar- winning film sound, the industry’s leading music studios and audio post facilities rely on HDX for its unmatched power and proven reliability, enabling the highest quality mixes consistently.

Professional DSP Tracking and Mixing
Experience the most intuitive, creative, and flexible DSP plugin workflow in the industry. Set effects chains for tracking and mixing entirely in Pro Tools | Ultimate. Toggle between DSP and native processing to get the best of both worlds —without requiring a secondary application. You can even use the same AAX DSP plugins in native processing mode — without your HDX hardware connected — freeing you to create on the road or in another studio. Plus, working with your favorite outboard gear is as easy as inserting plugins, with the system automatically handling the input delay compensation, so you can spend more time creating than calculating offsets.

Scale Your System
Whether tracking a 5-piece band, full orchestra, or re-recording a theatrical Dolby Atmos mix, you can scale the system’s DSP and physical I/O to any project requirement. Connect multiple Pro Tools hardware I/O interfaces to a single 64-channel HDX card. Install up to three HDX cards in a single system for more demanding projects, supporting up to 768 voices and 192 I/O channels while delivering smooth, uninterrupted performance. For large multi-workstation productions, you can sync and control up to 12 Pro Tools | Ultimate systems a single transport using Satellite Link and map tracks from each to physical faders on Avid S1, S4, and/or S6 using EUCON.

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