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Getting Started with MBOX Studio

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Monitoring with MBOX Studio

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Cue Mixes with MBOX Studio

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Creating a Song with MBOX Studio


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Avid's MBOX Studio USB-C interface provides home and project studio musicians, podcasters and producers with a powerful yet intuitive desktop recording solution. Four premium microphone preamps and premium convertors, with the ability to connect eight mics, offer crystal-clear capture of vocals and acoustic instruments. Two dedicated instrument inputs provide plug-and-play connectivity for electric guitars, basses and keyboards. It features 21 x 22 simultaneous I/O at up to 24-bit/96kHz. The feature-packed MBOX Studio is designed to fuel inspiration and productivity.

Four Premium Microphone Preamps for Pristine Recordings

At the heart of the MBOX Studio are four high-quality microphone preamps with individual gain control, allowing you to dial in just the right level of input for any microphone. Capture lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitars, drum overheads and more with stunning clarity and detail. Each preamp has its own clip indicator so you'll know right away if you need to pull back the level to avoid distortion.

Two Dedicated Instrument Inputs for Direct Recording

Plug your electric guitar, bass or keyboard straight into the MBOX Studio thanks to two dedicated instrument inputs. Record your parts with no amplifier required for quick and easy overdubbing, re-amping or effects processing using your favorite plug-ins.

Low-Latency Monitoring Keeps Your Timing Tight

Hear your inputs with near-zero latency through the MBOX Studio, ensuring your performances and virtual instrument playing are perfectly in time. Two independent monitor mixes let you create unique monitor blends for the control room and performer. Use the large Monitor knob to control the overall level, while Monitor Mix knobs 1 and 2 set the balance of inputs for the two monitor outputs.

Ignite Your Creativity with Pro Tools and Loops

The MBOX Studio comes with Pro Tools Studio to record, edit and mix your music. It also includes the MBOX Ignition Pack, providing a suite of virtual instruments, loops, samples and effects to spark new ideas. From classic synthesizers to acoustic/electric drum kits, basses, guitars and a variety of world instruments, you have a wealth of sonic options at your fingertips.

Avid MBOX Studio USB-C Audio Interface
Avid MBOX Studio USB-C Audio Interface
Avid MBOX Studio USB-C Audio Interface

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Four combo mic preamps/line inputs
  • Two instrument inputs
  • Low-latency tracking
  • Software Included
    • 1-year subscriptions to Pro Tools Studio ($299 value), Sibelius Artist ($99 value)
    • MBOX Ignition pack, featuring exclusive plug-ins and Brainworx emulations of classic signal processors and effects
    • Pro Tools Inner Circle: Gain access to a curated collection of free plug-ins, music & sound libraries, training resources, and more by the most innovative partner brands with your annual Pro Tools subscription

    collapse expand iconSpecs

    Audio Quality
    • 21x22 simultaneous I/O: 24-bit/96kHz audio conversion
    • 10x10 simultaneous I/O: 176.4/192kHz sample rate
    General Inputs and Outputs
    • High-quality mic preamps/line inputs with Variable Z (impedance): 4
    • Variable Z instrument inputs: 2
    • Additional line-level inputs: 4
    • Impedance-switching effects loops: 2
    • Simultaneous stereo Bluetooth I/O: 2-way
    • Optical I/O: 8-channel ADAT or 2-channel S/PDIF
    • Coax S/PDIF I/O: Yes
    • MIDI I/O: Yes
    • Stereo monitor outputs: 2
    • Impedance-matched Hi-Z reamplification output to guitar amp: 1
    • Headphone outputs with independent cue mix control: 2
    • Footswitch/expression pedal inputs: 2
    Mic Input
    • Max input level min: 14dBu
    • Gain range: 60dB
    • THD %: 0.001
    • Dynamic range: 112dB
    • EIN: –129dBu, A-weighted
    • Frequency response: 0.125dB
    Line Input
    • Max input level min: 14dBu
    • Gain range: 60dB
    • THD %: 0.001
    • Dynamic range: 112dB
    • Frequency response: 0.125dB
    Instrument Input
    • Max input level min: 14dBu
    • Gain range: 60dB
    • THD %: 0.004
    • Dynamic range: 108dB
    • Frequency response: 0.125dB
    Mains Output
    • Max output min: 19dBu
    • THD %: 0.0012
    • Dynamic range: 110dB
    • Frequency response: 0.125dB
    Line Output
    • Max output min: 19dBu
    • THD %: 0.002
    • Dynamic range: 110dB
    • Freq response: 0.125dB
    Headphone Output
    • Dynamic range: 102dB
    • Freq response: 0.2dB
    • Output power: 120mW > 32 ohms
    Dimensions and Weight
    • Dimensions (HxLxW) 4.14" x 11.33" x 8.87"
    • Weight: 6.12 lb.

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