The CV-12 has been used to record countless projects from big to small. After gaining much success as a vocal mic, Avantone teamed up with Black Lion Audio in Chicago to expand its coverage in the studio and onstage. 

Black Lion Audio has spent over a decade perfecting the art of modding gear. Employing this expertise, Avantone partnered with them to develop the CV-12BLA. With a flatter response and more headroom than before, the CV-12BLA takes what recordists love about the CV-12 even further. Use it on drums or piano, close mic a guitar, or on vocals for a finish so polished no one with ever know you didn't use a much more expensive mic. 

The Black Lion Audio partnership resulted in a meticulous look at every single component of the classic CV-12. First and foremost, the circuit has been modified to have a flatter response. The high-mid bump that the CV12 is known for was tamed and a new capsule was used to further smooth the highs and bring out the lows resulting in more balance. This flatter response, coupled with higher headroom allows the microphone to be more of a “utilitarian” microphone that sounds great on just about everything. Avantone found that full range sources is where the CV-12BLA really shines as its frequency range is balanced across the board. The coupling capacitor is an industry favorite Solen FastCap, which was chosen for its transparency. The 32 mm K67 capsule was replaced with a 34 mm CK12 styled capsule which was chosen to complement the new circuit. Leaving no stone unturned, the CV-12BLA features a completely redesigned power supply, featuring a new low-noise circuit.

The CV-12BLA includes the new Jetsun shockmount. Not only does this shock mount help isolate the microphone from the stand, but the front section is also left open, allowing instruments and windscreens to get several inches closer to the headshell. This design feature allows artists to take advantage of an increased proximity effect, something much more difficult to do with a fully round shockmount.

Finally, the CV-12BLA includes a black faux alligator skin case that not only protects the mic while transporting it, but also looks great while doing so. 

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