The Avantone Complete Drum Microphone Kit mics look great and sound amazing with the design, character and performance to set a new standard. A unique feature of each mic in the kit is a pair of machined insets on the barrel of each microphone body which allow the O-rings of the SSM shockmount to "lock" the mic into place and prevent mic shifting and slippage. The drum mic kit includes a stylish, vintage-styled carrying case. The custom vintage tweed case is hand-built for heavy-duty storage, with metal corners, locking latches, a high-density foam tray and plush lining making this case very roadworthy while also offering a visually unique design. Aesthetically, the case features a tweed and faux-alligator trim exterior, with a Cabernet wine-red plush lining. The slotted foam tray not only protects and stores each component of the drum mic kit, but also lifts out of the case to provide storage for cables, sticks and other accessories.

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