The Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN belt-drive turntable features a simulated walnut wood veneer. Its good looks are matched by its reliability and great sound quality. This manual record player will bring your vintage vinyl collection to life. Your favorite records will sound the way the artists intended with the warm analog sound only vinyl can produce.

Solid construction with high-fidelity sound
The AT-LPW40WN turntable has a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) body. This construction limits resonance and feedback for improved sound quality. A hinged dust cover protects the record player and can close while a record is playing. A lightweight carbon fiber tonearm with adjustable tracking force provides outstanding performance.

High-performance phono cartridge and stylus
Your vinyl will sound better than ever with the included AT-VM95E phono cartridge. It features an elliptical stylus for excellent sound reproduction. The AT-LP40WN walnut turntable’s stylus is gentle on vinyl grooves, so your prized records will not be worn unnecessarily. If you ever wear out your needle, it’s simple to replace.

User-friendly controls
The Audio-Technica AT-LP40WN walnut turntable can play at two different speeds. Select from either 45 or 33-1/3 RPM with the simple rotary knob. These speed options will accommodate virtually any vinyl record manufactured since the 1950s, including smaller 7” records and 12” singles.

Built-in, switchable preamp and detachable RCAs
Listen to your favorite vinyl by connecting the AT-LP40WN walnut turntable to external speakers using RCA ports on the rear connection panel. Thanks to a switchable preamp, you can connect the turntable to external stereo components, whether they have a dedicated phono output or not. Detachable RCA plugs make for easier maintenance in the long run.

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