Give your amp a boost with an Atlas Stands Cherry Low Rider Amp Stand. This handcrafted hardwood amp stand folds, making the whole kit compact and easy to carry.

Atlas Stands are handmade in the USA using solid, hand-selected hardwood.  Bookmatched lumber for each stand not only to add beauty as the woods age, but also to increase strength and durability.

Atlas Amp Stands feature a patented design which enhances and improves your tone by placing your amplifier at an optimal 18.5° angle. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in volume, presence and tonal controls. Atlas Stands work by decoupling your amplifier from the floor, reducing unwanted vibrations and frequencies. Atlas Stands are lightweight, stable, and super strong, ideal for even the heaviest of tube amps. The hand-rubbed satin oil finish makes these stands look amazing in your home, studio or on stage.