Aston Microphones


Featuring special Ridyon capsule technology, Aston’s Element mic offers superior performance at a cost anyone can afford, prompting them to dub it the "People’s Microphone." This Aston Element Bundle ships with a custom shockmount for it and a pop shield.

The Element mic incorporates a huge amount of innovation, from its capsule technology and chassis design to the magnetic pop filter and backlit-LED logo 48V phantom power indicator. All of it adds up to a microphone that offers more than you’d expect and outperforming other mics at this price point.

The secret’s in the capsule tech
The Element’s Ridyon capsule technology combines the best elements of all three existing classes of microphone. Utilising 48V phantom power, its incredibly lightweight active-moving-coil-diaphragm delivers high-end condenser mic sensitivity and performance, with the punchy bass and rejection capability of a dynamic mic, and the open, natural, sound of a ribbon.

Freedom to perform
The larger1.5”/38 mm capsule enables the diaphragm to move more freely and further than other mic capsules, allowing the Element to handle significantly higher sound pressure levels without distortion. This freedom of movement gives it a far better bass response, able to accurately reproduce low-mid frequencies, for a warm, more natural sound.

360-degree internal isolation
While most microphones have a capsule mounted at a single point, the Element’s capsule has an internal 360-degree elastomer suspension system. This makes it less sensitive to external vibrations for superior protection from shocks—regardless of direction.

Near-perfect capsule acoustics
The capsule body and mic chassis were designed to provide the flattest frequency response possible. The Ridyon capsule is made of an acoustic treatment rather than metalwork to make this possible. The custom grille acts as a diffuser for source audio entering the mic. Its contoured body shape and slimline monocoque capsule housing helps direct source audio to the capsule with minimal diffraction.

High headroom circuitry–ultra-low distortion
Coupled with the extended diaphragm movement, the Element’s circuitry design is able to handle about 150 times the maximum output from the capsule. Regardless of what you throw at the mic, the circuitry will be able to handle it without distortion.

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