As with all other soft synths created by Arturia, Prophet-V 2.0 brings you replicas of its inspirations, the Prophet-5 and Prophet VS, both visually and sonically. Using the Prophet-V 2.0 virtual instrument will be second nature for the connoisseurs. However, if you are new to these synths, the only thing you will miss by not having the hardware versions is the workout from transporting them to the studio. Finally, since the Prophet-V 2.0 virutal synthesizer is designed with Arturia's TAE technology, you can be sure you will not be giving up any sound quality.

Prophet 5 Interface
The virtual emulation offered in the Prophet-V 2.0 is an exact replica of the original instrument and uses the same subtractive synthesis model. Subtractive synthesis refers to the filtering of sounds in a specific way in order to create harmonically rich waveforms and new timbres. Arturia's reproduction of subtractive synthesis with TAE guarantees the sound quality of the virtual instrument.

The Arturia Prophet-V 2.0 soft synth carries all of the original parameters, and the 40 original presets of the Prophet 5. The potentiometers or switches associated to these 54 parameters will permit you to create an infinite variety of sounds that were native to the original synthesizer.

In the Arturia Prophet 5 soft synth you will find:
¢Compatibility with the presets of the original synthesizer
¢2 analog oscillators (TAE technology)
¢1 white noise module
¢1 low-pass resonance filter
¢2 ADSR envelopes
¢1 LFO
¢Poly Mod section (which allows you to apply FM on oscillator A and on the filter)

Prophet VS Interface
The Prophet VS uses wave table or vector oscillators. In this type of synthesis, the oscillator waveforms are digitally stored in a table which the user can freely select, depending on the texture of the sound that is required. With the VS you can recreate that classic 80's wave table synthesis sound within your computer.

The virtual synthesizer gives you 96 digitally sampled waveform types at your fingertips. Use up to 4 oscillators simultaneously and mix them in real time by sweeping the joystick or the 5 point envelope. The Prophet VS brings you a unique sound that has the strength to stand on its own, but at the same time is complementary to that of the Prophet 5 soft synth.

In the Arturia Prophet VS you will find:
Compatibility with the presets of the original synthesizer
¢4 digital oscillators
¢1 4-point mixer with joystick
¢1 multi mode filter (LP, HP, BP, Notch)
¢1 panaoramic module
¢2 LFO
¢3 5-point envelopes
¢1 Modulation matrix

Prophet Hybrid
In Hybrid mode, Arturia has brought something extra special into this virtual instrument. One of the things that is so great about having a new synthesizer is the unexpected things that you can discover with it-those delightful moments in musical creation when you stumble upon a sound that you weren't looking for. Hybrid mode provides a combination of the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS stacked one on top of the other. Thus, an entirely new sound palette to mix and blend will be at your disposal: the analog subtractive synthesizer in the Prophet 5 and the digital wavetable or vector synthesizer of the Prophet VS.

A software synth made up of all the parameters of the two instruments PLUS:
¢1 audio connection matrix:
The audio matrix allows you to activate or to deactivate the audio module outputs of the two synthesizers (oscillators, filters, sound of the Prophet 5). You can connect the filters in a series for a unique mix of the two synthesizers or you can connect the filters in parallel for a fatter sound. This gives you a huge difference of sound between the two solutions.

¢1 modulation matrix switch for the two synthesizers:
The modulation matrix of the Prophet Hybrid allows you to add modulation inputs impossible to add with the Prophet 5 alone. The velocity, after touch, or the numerous other modulation sources presented on the VS that can now be used on the Prophet 5 soft synth.

Compatibility Notice: OS X 10.11 El Capitan (release date 9/30/15)
As with all major operating system updates, it is vital to check the compatibility of your hardware and software before upgrading your system. For new computer owners, it' highly advised to check with manufacturers on when they expect their products to be fully compatible with the latest operating system.
  • Three synthesizers in one: Prophet 5, Prophet VS, Prophet Hybrid
  • All the original parameters of the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS
  • New audio connection matrix
  • New modulation matrix switch for the 2 synthesizers
  • New Chorus and Stereo delay effects
  • More than 400 presets created by talented musicians and synthesizers specialists
  • Compatibility with the Presets of the original synthesizers
  • No aliasing from 0.1Hz to 16kHz
  • Calculated precision: 64 bits
  • Sample Frequency: until 96kHz
  • Compatible with a MIDI keyboard
  • 2 analog oscillators for the Prophet 5
  • 4 wavetables oscillators for the Prophet VS
  • Capacity to synchronize Osc2 on Osc1 for the Prophet VS
  • 1 Mixer with joystick and automation envelope for mixing the 4 oscillators of the Prophet VS
  • 1 resonating low pass filter for the Prophet 5
  • 1 multimode resonant filter for the Prophet 5
  • 3 LFO that can be synchronized with the tempo of the host sequencer
  • 5 envelopes: 2 ADSR; 3 5 point envelopes
  • Polyphony of 2 to 32 voices with the unison possibility
  • Audio quality and purity as in the original Prophet 5 and VS
  • Version 2.0 Features:
    • A revolutionary preset navigation system called SoundMap
    • New e-licenser (old Syncrosoft) copy protection
    • MIDI RPN "pitch bend range" message is now recognized
    • Ability to use NRPN MIDI messages for automation
    • Fresh batch of presets made by a selection of top sound designers
    • Presets now respond to modulation wheel
    • Double click on joystick resets to center position
    • Lower CPU utilization on Mac OSX
    • Windows 7/Snow Leopard officially supported
    • Vista/Windows 7 compatibility no longer requires UAC deactivation
    Required Minimum Configuration:
    • PC: 512MB RAM; CPU 2GHz (Multiple cores recommended)
    • Mac: 512MB RAM; CPU 2GHz (Multiple cores recommended)
    Platform Specifications:
    • Windows: XP/VISTA/7
    • Mac OS X: 10.4 or higher and Universal Binary
    • Win: Standalone, VST, RTAS
    • Mac: Standalone, VST, RTAS, AU

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