The Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer is a powerful monophonic synth covered in a sleek black coat. Upgraded for a noir wonderland with additional presets and a firmware update, this limited edition synth evokes a commanding presence in any space. Offering a 100% analog audio signal with true analog effects, the MatrixBrute Synthesizer is perfect for those who prefer ultimate control over their sound. At the heart of this instrument, the modular synth setup is combined with a matrix which allows players to carve their own sonic path in exquisite, intricate detail. Explore uncharted soundscapes with a total of 320 presets, combined with an impressive arpeggiator and sequencer to evolve those melodies with power and originality.
  • Pure analog sound: linear VCO & LFO, saw, square, triangle, sine, LFO time divisions and key tracking
  • 49 full sized keys with velocity and aftertouch
  • Intuitive sound shaping: UltraSaw, Pulse Width, Metalizer and Sub VCOs can supercharge your tone
  • Noise generator with white, pink, blue and red noise
  • 3 unique envelope generators
  • Plays nice with others: MatrixBrute features a 5 input audio mixer with filter routing and awesome connectivity including 12 CV/Gate ins and outs
  • Climb the ladder: multi-mode Steiner-Parker and Ladder filters, able to be used solo or together, in series or parallel
  • Brute factor: add a little controlled insanity to your sound
  • Arpeggiator and 64 step-sequencer
  • Analog effects section, including delays, flanger, chorus and reverb