FX Collection 3 from Arturia is a curated suite of 26 essential audio production plug-ins, combining enhanced emulations of classic studio hardware with groundbreaking modern effects to give musicians and producers the inspiring, musical, and pro-grade software tools they need to get creative with their sound. FX Collection 3 is designed to save producers’ time by offering the perfect effect for any sound or application and a focused, versatile selection of tools covering all sonic territory, inspired by past, present, and future to deliver fast, professional and inspiring results every time. The plug-ins in FX Collection 3 aren’t just utilities designed to deliver pro-grade sound. Each title is designed to inject character and musicality into any project, allowing creatives to truly explore and hone in on the right color and uniqueness for their sound, whatever their style.
  • FX Collection 3 now includes 26 titles, including saturation, granular, mix bus, modulation, compression, delay, reverb, preamps and filters
  • Delay BRIGADE update: this classic analog delay now has a new name and refreshed interface design
  • Efx FRAGMENTS update: easier click/drag interaction with visual elements of the interface, plus 60 brand new factory presets
  • Over 250 factory presets: quickly find the subtle adjustments or dramatic mix effects you need with presets built into each effect
  • In-app tutorials: learn your way around effect and parameter, plus enjoy tailored tips to get the most out of your sound
  • Performance and workflow updates: enjoy improved preset browsing, enhanced performance, and streamlined GUIs for a fluid workflow
  • New effects for FX Collection 3:
    • Dist TUBE-CULTURE - Get modernized valve saturation in a few clicks with this virtual reimagining of a certified studio classic designed to breathe harmonic life and sprinkle color onto any sound.
    • Dist OPAMP-21 - An audio saturation effect inspired by a 'go direct' guitar pedal turned production cult classic, fusing gritty tube-like harmonics and high-gain crunch into an enhanced plug-in.
    • Efx FRAGMENTS - Instantly elevate any project with glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, experimental textures, and beyond with next-level granular processing. Divide, transform and rebuild any sound.
    • Tape MELLO-FI - Bring instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth to any sound. An easy-to-use plug-in featuring a straightforward preamp, modulation, and filter/output sections for sublime lo-fi vibes.

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