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Acoustic Treatments

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  1. Top Seller
    Ultimate Acoustics 12" Acoustic Panel - Wedge (UA-WPW-12)
    Your Price $12.99
  2. Top Seller
    Auralex LENRD Bass Traps 4-Pack - Charcoal
    Your Price $199.99
  3. Top Seller
    Auralex 2" SonoMatt 4'x8'x2" Panels (2 pack)
    Your Price $249.99
  4. Top Seller
    Ultimate Acoustics 24" Acoustic Panel - Wedge, Burgundy (UA-WPW-24)
    Your Price $49.99
  5. Auralex FoamTak Spray Adhesive (1 can)
    Your Price $24.99
  6. Auralex Auralex Turntable Isolation Pad
    Your Price $79.73
  7. Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle I (18 pieces)
    Your Price $114.99
  8. Save 15%
    Auralex 2" Studiofoam Wedge 2'x4'x2" Panels (12 Pack)
    Your Price $539.99
  9. Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle III (26 pieces)
    Your Price $429.99
  10. Save 10%
    Primacoustic Cumulus Broadband Ceiling Corner Trap - Set of 2
    Your Price $129.99
  11. Save 15%
    Auralex SheetBlok 4'x30'
    Your Price $424.99
  12. Save 15%
    IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R430 Acoustic Isolation Stand
    Your Price $99.99
  13. Save 10%
    Auralex 2" StudioFoam Pyramid 2''x2'x2" Panels (12 pack)
    From Price $269.99
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  14. Save 10%
    Primacoustic RX7 - DF Standard Recoil Stabilizer, 5-Degree Down-Fire
    Your Price $99.99
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  15. Price Drop
    Auralex 2" Studiofoam Pyramid 2'x4'x2" panels (12 pack)
    Your Price $479.99 Was:  $499.99
  16. Save 15%
    IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200Sub Acoustic Isolation Stand for Subwoofers
    Your Price $59.99
  17. Save 10%
    Auralex 4" CornerFill 4"x4"x24" (9 pack)
    Your Price $89.99
  18. Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle III (26 pieces)
    Your Price $418.32
  19. Ultimate Acoustics Acoustic Panel Adhesive Spray (UA-AS1)
    Your Price $23.99
  20. Ultimate Acoustics UA-ISO-100 Ultimate Isolator (Pair)
    Your Price $44.95
  21. Ultimate Acoustics UA-FE-2 Acoustic Foam Edge
    Your Price $9.99
  22. Save 10%
    Primacoustic Broadway Surface Impaler Mounting Clip
    Your Price $39.99
  23. Auralex GRAMMA v2 15 x 23 x 1.75 in. Isolation Platform
    Your Price $70.32
  24. Ultimate Acoustics 12" Acoustic Panel - Bevel (UA-WPB-12)
    Your Price $17.99
  25. Save 10%
    Auralex 12" CornerFill Cube 12"x12"x12" (2 pack)
    Your Price $89.99
  26. Isonode Pro Anti-Vibration Feet - Large (Set of Four)
    Your Price $19.99
  27. Ultimate Acoustics 12" Acoustic Panel with Vinyl Coating - Bevel (UA-WPBV-12)
    Your Price $29.99
  28. Save 15%
    Control Acoustics Foam Sound Damper
    From Price $49.99
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  29. Save 15%
    Auralex Big Tipper for the Auralex GRAMMA
    Your Price $39.99
  30. New
    Auralex SonoLite Bass Trap (Each)
    Your Price $69.99
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About Studio Foam:

Proper room treatment is one of the most important things you can do to take control over the sound of your studio and especially your mixing space. When you first set up a room for tracking or mixing, unless you’re extraordinarily lucky, it may not sound very good. It may sound boxy, or ring at some frequencies. It may have too much bass, or not enough. Things may just sound ‘wrong’ without being able to put a finger on exactly what that ‘wrong’ is. Sound treatments will help you reduce or eliminate all those issues.

There are a wide variety of studio treatment products—panels, bass traps, wedges, diffusers—in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and densities, all of which are intended to control some aspect of the room's sound. While we don't have space here to do even a basic "Acoustics 101" breakdown, we do want to mention the difference between sound treatment and soundproofing. The acoustic foam products we sell are designed to control reflections and frequency response within a room, not soundproof it (prevent sound from escaping). True soundproofing requires specialized construction methods and materials. If your neighbors are complaining about sound levels, none of these products are going to help solve that particular problem.

Acoustic foam products are designed to diffuse sound waves to avoid hot spots and nulls. Doing this can widen the listening "sweet spot." Acoustic products are also used to control reflections that can cause ringing, flutter echos, low frequency standing waves and smearing of the stereo image. Bass traps usually go in corners to reduce the possibility of standing waves, and diffusors and absorption panels are placed on the walls to help control mid- and high-frequency reflections. Every room is different, and unless you're fortunate enough to be able to have an acoustic expert design it from scratch, you'll need to spend some time consulting with one of our audio pros to figure out the best way to approach optimizing your room. In addition to the individual pieces, we've got kits that have been designed to handle the most common issues easily and affordably.

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