The Gun Shot Snare is an 18" x 4" made with a raw brass shell with wood hoops...One Giant Snare! A&F hand cuts, rolls, welds and sands their exclusive raw Brass and makes their own wood hoops, hand cut bearing edges and snare beds. They treat Brass/Copper with their exclusive patina formula to jump start the aging process. Then A&F adds their patented raw brass center-mounted lugs, hardware, and finally Remo Ambassador heads. These snares weigh 12 pounds. The Gun Shot can be used as a floor tom or a bass drum as well by adding the A&F Spurs.
  • Snare size: 18x14"
  • Total pieces: 1
  • Shell material: Brass
  • Bearing edge: Hand cut
  • Hardware material: Patented patina
  • Hoop type: Wood
  • Lugs: Patented
  • Heads: Remo Ambassador
  • Finish type: Raw