Built to order at the A&F factory in Austin, Texas, this Antique White 3-piece shell pack features super low, warm tones courtesy of thin maple shells and old-school "baseball bat" bearing edges. In contrast to the usual sharp and narrow edges of modern drums, this hand-carved rounded edge mimics the fat bearing edges of vintage drums, creating the distinctive punchy sound to go with this drum's throwback looks. To let the thin wood shell resonate freely, this model features no interior reinforcement rings. This rack tom, floor tom and kick drum complete the custom vintage look with tall wood hoops, single-point raw brass tube lugs and a bright white color.

Cymbals and hardware not included. Matching snare drum sold separately.
  • 3-piece maple shell pack with rack tom, floor tom and bass drum
  • Rounded "baseball bat" bearing edges for vintage sound
  • Raw brass hardware includes single-point tube lugs
  • High wood hoops for extra-punchy rimshots
  • Lack of reinforcement rings allows shells to resonate
  • Simple white look for a muted throwback style
  • Bass drum(s): 24x10"
  • Tom(s): 13x8"
  • Floor tom(s): 16x14"
  • Total pieces: 3
  • Shell material: Maple
  • Bearing edge: Rounded
Drum Hardware
  • Material: Brass
  • Mounts: Traditional
  • Hoops: Wood
  • Lugs: Tube
  • Heads: Branded
  • Country of origin: United States

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