8DM Productions is one of the leading curators of EDM samples and they are on the cutting edge of some of the most current and popular sound trends that are topping the electronic music charts. 8DM is created by the Academy, T.E.C & GANG award-winning designers of 8Dio - in collaboration with some of the leading top DJs around the world, giving you access to hit sounds and samples right out of the box.

Electro House is one of the most dominating styles on the current EDM scene. It is undeniably cool, clear and concise in its sound. All elements are designed, so that they clearly stand out from each other in the mix. The end-result is a super clean sound - that makes the whole world wiggle. This is about giving you a completely clean and polished experience. Everything is designed to match the current EDM charts and the quality is uncompromisingly cool.

8DM Electro House V1 Wav-Pack is designed for the DJ/producer that just wants the raw wave files to work with in their favorite production environment. 8DM spent a lot of time meticulously labeling all of the files with full detail, so whether you're searching for sounds specifically by BPM or just need to find the right kick, snare, cymbal, bass synth or lead synth - its all there for immediate access. You're in complete control with the Wav-Pack, and unbound by specific production platforms.
  • 18 Fully Customizable Groove Kits
  • EDM Chart Quality
  • 836 Electro House Samples (.wav)
  • Logical file organization
  • Oneshot samples & Loops
  • Master Examples

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