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For over 30 years, Zoom has been a premier name in the world of effects pedals and audio/video solutions. They have worked tirelessly to create products that showcase the incredible power of music. Striving to constantly deliver innovative and inspirational gear, Zoom is a brand musician's trust. Zoom's quality stems from the fact that they design all of their products from the ground up using their own technology. Knowing their own tech inside and out, Zoom is able to produce gear that's equally powerful and easy to use by anyone, from hobbyists to professional touring acts. A look at this list of musicians who swear by Zoom would easily be enough to convince almost anyone of the quality of their products. Artists such as Bootsy Collins, Dave Mustaine, Mike Portnoy, Mike Herrera, Steve Vai, Annie Clements and more all make use of Zoom gear to get the most out of their sound. Zoom makes gear to be used everywhere from the jam space, to the studio, to the stage. Hoping to get a quick and quality recording down before practice? Check out the Zoom H4N Portable Digital Recorder or the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder. Or, if you're after a more refined recording experience, try the Zoom R24 Multitrack Recorder/Interface/Controller/Sampler or the Zoom R8 8-Track SD Recorder, Sampler & USB Interface. Maybe your drummer is away and you need to lay down a basic drum track? The Zoom RhythmTrak Drum Machine is just what you're looking for. The fact is, Zoom offers gear for nearly every situation. Zoom also has a great assortment of effects pedals for guitars and basses alike. The Zoom G5 Guitar Multi-Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal, the Zoom B3 Bass Effects and Amp Simulator, and the Zoom A3 Pre Amp Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal, just to name of few, will allow you the experiment with the sound of your guitar and bass. If you're looking to come up with truly special tones the next time you take center stage, these are the pedals you want at your feet. Zoom has built its reputation on the quality of its products. With such a diverse line of gear for every type of musician, a Zoom product can play a role in every step of your ever expanding musical career.