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Zoom G3 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and Looper
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The first pedal to unite traditional analogue stomps with a multi-effects processor and amp simulator.

Zoom's G3 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator combines the ease of a stompbox pedalboard with the power of a multi-effects processor and USB audio interface. With complete control over individual effects and amp modeling, you can change your tones on the fly for both stage and studio.

Three Stomps. One Pedal.
G3 offers three large stomps with LCD displays and corresponding footswitches that form a graphical interface, allowing you to utilize up to three stompbox and amp effects simultaneously. The interface has also been simplified with three control knobs for each display. This intuitive design makes creating, saving and rearranging the effect chain of your own sounds a breeze and provides easy navigation in live and studio settings.

Evolution of tube amp simulation.
A newly developed sigmoid curve clipper re-creates the smooth clipping of a tube amplifier's waveform. With its tube distortion, G3 can simulate amplifier sounds, including clean, crunch and full-gain drive tones that are authentic to the original models.

Super-real amp modeling.
G3's 13 super-real amp models range from vintage setups to the latest trends in amp technology, each with its own distinct cabinet modeling that can be used to alter its tone characteristics. By combining amplifiers and cabinets of different makers, models and years, you can digitally design your own custom rig. G3's modeling technology provides the best tone for both live performance and direct recording.

Note: Only one amp model can be used at a time.

The newest generation of DSP: ZFX-IV.
G3 utilizes the all-new ZFX-IV DSP processor. This generation of ZFX circuitry upgrades everything from tone and power to function and operability. By using 32-bit floating-point processing, G3 emulates amplifiers and recreates tones that are more realistic than any other amp modeler.

94 total stompbox models.
G3 has 94 diverse types of stompbox presets, including some of the world's most popular guitar pedals. You can use up to three effects in any combination. G3's wide range of effects includes distortion, compression, modulation, delay, and reverb. Its HD Reverb uses DSP power to produce a rich resonance that rivals outboard gear used in professional studios and live setups.
G3 dial in your sound

Note: Only two effects can be used in combinations that feature amp models or HD Reverb.

Over 100 versatile effects on-board.
Select from over 100 built-in DSP effects to create your own sounds on G3. Try its renowned compression and wah pedals, chorus effects with stunning depth and resonant reverbs. Or let your tonal imagination run free with dynamic flangers, tremolos, harmonized pitch shifters, multi-tap delays, reverse delays and much more. G3 can store up to 100 of your original creations without a hitch.

USB audio interface for DAW recording.
G3 operates as an audio interface, letting you record directly to your computer via USB. All of your sound settings used during rehearsals or live performances can be recorded to your favorite DAW such as the included Steinberg Sequel LE recording software. The pedal's direct monitoring capability eliminates any latency problems, assuring realistic studio conditions and hassle-free operation.

Looper function with 40-second phrase recording/overdubbing.
G3's Looper capabilities include 40 seconds of phrase recording and overdubbing. The "sound-on-sound" function allows you to layer guitar sounds as many times as you want in real time. You can use looped sounds as simple backing tracks or create a "full band" feel with the built-in drum machine and DSP effects for a live solo.

Integrated drum machine.
Set up a one-man jam session with over 40 different patterns. Play 4, 8 and 16-beat rhythm sequences, or you can set it to shuffle to choose from one of many preset beats. The tap key also makes it easy to set tempo and keep you in perfect sync.

Accurate, real-time Tuner function.
The pedal's Tuner function offers smooth, real-time response with precise guitar tuning accuracy. Whether you're in the middle of a performance or practicing alone in your room, simply hold down the pedal's center footswitch to start getting your strings back on pitch. In addition, G3's LCD displays and LED indicators make the feature easy to use on a dark stage, where you can also mute the output for seamless tuning.

Balanced XLR output for DI use.
With its built-in XLR output, you can avoid DI boxes completely and directly connect G3 to any mixing console and maintain a balanced, high quality signal. In addition, a convenient Pre/Post switch can direct an effected sound to the main outputs while passing the guitar signal directly to the XLR output without relying on an A/D converter.

Output modes for stage and studio.
Different output modes allow you to optimize G3's tones based upon its connection with your personal rig. In addition to modes for the front inputs of combo and stack amps, G3 can be used as a preamp when connected to a power amp input. By selecting the direct mode with a line connection, you can achieve a realistic guitar sound that is optimal for live use and recording.

Super-low noise design.
G3's signal-to-noise ratio of 120dB and noise floor of -100dBm virtually eliminate background noise. G3's ZNR noise reduction removes feedback and other unwanted sounds, providing you with beautiful tones and natural release.

World's fastest patch change speed: 1ms.
With G3's amazing 1ms patch change speed, you will never miss a beat. Change from rhythm playing to a solo in an instant by simply pushing the switch.

Add a G3 to your pedalboard.
G3 is perfect for use in combination with traditional stompboxes. By adding a G3 to your pedalboard, you will decrease the size and complexity of your setup, while expanding your system's effects and modeling capabilities.
Optional expression pedal and footswitch.

Connect an optional FP02 expression pedal to G3 and control effect parameters such as wah, pitch shift, volume, drive gain, modulation rate and delay/reverb mix in real time. Use an optional FS01 footswitch to tap the tempo used for the drum machine, looper and effects. You can also use an FS01 to mute the Delay/Reverb input or turn Delay Hold on or off.

Free Edit&Share software for Mac/PC.
Zoom's Edit&Share software, which is available as a free download for G3, allows you to create, edit and save your personalized amp and effect settings on your computer. Use its "radar charts" to access visual representations of each preset's tone characteristics, amp/effect sorting feature to easily locate your sounds and drag-and-drop options to rearrange patches for editing purposes. With Edit&Share, you can download the latest patches online, as well as share your patches with others.

Runs on batteries, AC adapter or USB power.
G3 can operate on three different power sources: AC adaptor (included), batteries or USB bus power when plugged into your computer. Four AA/LR6 alkaline batteries provide over six hours of continuous playing. Whether on stage or in the studio, G3 gives you reliable power options.

Zoom G3 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and Looper Features:

  • Three large LCD displays with intuitive amp and stompbox interface
    13 amp or 94 stompbox models can be used in any combination
    Over 100 built-in ZFX-IV DSP effects
    Create and store up to 100 original tones
    USB audio interface for DAW recording
    Looper function with 40 seconds of phrase recording and overdubbing
    Integrated drum machine and auto-chromatic tuner
    Balanced XLR output and selectable modes for DI use
    Includes Edit&Share and Steinberg Sequal LE recording software
    Over six hours of operation using four AA batteries/USB bus power (AC adapter included)

Zoom G3 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and Looper Specifications:

  • Effect Types: 107
    Simultaneous Effects: 3
    Patch Memory: 10 patches x 10 banks
    Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
    A/D Conversion: 24bit, 128times over-sampling
    D/A Conversion: 24bit, 128times over-sampling
    Signal Processsing: 32bit floating point and 32bit fixed point
    Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz + 1.0dB, -3.0dB (10kΩ load)
    Display: LCD Ã? 3
    Input: 1/4'' phone jack
    Rated input level: -20dBm
    Input impedance: 1MΩ
    ACTIVE/PASSIVE (Switch selectable)
    Output: R 1/4'' phone jack
    Maximum output level: +5dBm (Output load impedance: 10kΩ or higher)
    L/Mono/Phone: 1/4'' stereo phone jack (LINE / PHONES)
    Maximum output level: [LINE] +5dBm (Output load impedance: 10kΩ or higher), [PHONES] 20mW + 20mW into 32Ω load
    Balanced Output XLR jack
    Output impedance: 100Ω(HOT-GND, COLD-GND), 200Ω(HOT-COLD)
    PRE / POST (Switch selectable)
    GND LIFT (Switch selectable)
    Control Input: For FP02 / FS01
    USB: Audio Interface: 16bit / 44.1kHz
    Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X v10.4/10.5/10.6
    S/N: 120dB
    Noise Floor â??100dBm
    Power: AC adapter DC9V/Center negative/500mA (ZOOM AD-16)
    Batteries: AA/LR6 battery x 4
    Battery Life: 6 hours (with alkaline batteries)
    USB Bus power
    Dimensions: 170 (D) x 234 (W) x 54 (H) mm
    Weight: 1.2kg (without batteries)

Product Reviews
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  • Compact Multi-Fx with Stompbox Versitility

    As reviewed by Cory Brown on 11/3/2011

    Zoom has really come a long way. Several years ago, my first multi-fx pedal that I ever bought was a Zoom. While it sounded great as my first pedal, I eventually found more expensive and bigger pedals... read more [+] that sounded even better by other manufacturers. But now that I had so many large multi-fx, I really wanted to go back to a more compact, portable solution that wouldn't sacrifice tone. The Zoom G3 was the perfect choice! When searching for a new pedal here recently, my criteria were that: 1) The pedal had to sound good 2) It had to be relatively small 3) It had to have an on-board drum machine 4) It had to have a looper function which could be used at the same time as the drum machine After searching for a long time, the only solution I could find was the Zoom G3. As soon as I plugged in and started fiddling with the knobs, I was blown away! Not only did the pedal sound awesome, but the easy of editing was phenomenal! Most multi-fx can be rather tedious to edit. Because of limitation of number of knobs and screen size, you must constantly scroll through various menus to try and find the parameters you're looking for. The Zoom G3 is different, because it takes more of a stompbox approach. It is essentially 3 smaller single-effect pedals side by side. Each screen shows what effect you have selected on that pedal. From amp sims, to chorus pedals, to compressors to reverb, any one of the 100+ effects can be selected and in any order. Each effect slot also has its own set of three knobs to change the parameters. This means that it is very simple to change the gain on an overdrive pedal selected without first having to page through the parameters of your flanger pedal. Each pedal can be edited independantly, making it more enjoyable to edit patches on the fly! The effects sound great and there are plenty to choose from. Classic amp emulations of Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Vox and more sound pretty good for a multi-fx, and feature gain, eq, presence and cab controls. A nice selection of several different choruses is cool too, as well as multiple flangers, delays and at least 10 overdrive/distortion pedals. The looper and drum machine work great, and are relatively easy to access. The looper can record 40 seconds of audio (or it goes down to 20 if you enable an "undo" feature, which can be helpful at times) and will sync up to the drum machine. If you're looking for a compact multi-fx that is easy to use, sounds great, has tons of features and won't break the bank, this may be the pedal for you! One tip that I picked up early on is that at first, the pedal sounded WAY too bright. But going into the master menu, you can change the line-out options from "direct" to "into combo amp" or "into amp stack", which will give a more balanced sound. There only one downside that I found with the pedal. Though I find it to be minor, I wouldn't want you to be disappointed by purchasing this without knowing this. Since this pedal takes more of a stompbox approach instead of the classic multi-fx, it only supports 3 effects at one time. What this means is that each screen on the device represents one effect, so at any given time, the most effects you can have active are 3. Sometimes 3 effects won't cut it, such as needing to slap a noise gate onto a chain with an OD, amp and delay, or something like that. While there are a few effects that combine two into one effect (phaser+delay, reverb+delay), it's not comprehensive enough for everyone's needs.

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  • No need for extra pedals!!

    As reviewed by Armando Ruiz on 4/22/2013

    I'm not in anyway the a pro guitarist but i do use my guitar every day and gig pretty often. This little pedal is very much like the line 6-M9 but in my opinion is better than the line 6. At first i thought it would be just another multieffects pedal but this thing really rocks. Its super easy to use and dial in exactly what you want. ZOOM has just put out an upgrade that lets you have 6 stomboxes at once in this unit. The effects and amps it models are super close to the real deal. I recommend using this pedal with something like the TECH 21 powerengine 60. I also loved that you could plug it in to your PC or Mac and see the actual effects change the parameters and where in the sequence of the stompboxes and amps flow. One of my favorite things on this unit is the XLR out. the unaffected signal can be sent to the P.A. while the other signal can be sent to your amp for on stage monitoring. you have up to 100 user presets available each with different combos of 6 effects or amps. UNREAL!!! All in all, if you know how to use the different effects individually then i recommend this unit, but if you want this as a beginner i dont recommend it. Its meant to be exploited to its maximum capacity.

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  • Serious Unit that offers so much

    As reviewed by david cochran on 3/13/2013

    I went from using a G2.1u that I used in my pedalboard for 5 years,to this .Having all the graphics along w/ the rotary dials simplified my editing,which was harder w/ the older G2 1u that had just an alpha/ numerical symbol.the time based effects are my favorite,just beautiful sounding.I have learned a lot about Zoom as far as getting them to be clean and quiet,but all brands make noise if you really do not know what you are doing in the first place,so take the time and really learn before you discuss these units in a review,these things work great.The Memory Man is such a good patch,even though it is a common sound nowadays in most processors.The Uni-Vibe is also great in this,I heard about it before I owned this,and it is truly good.I like to use these for recording,but I always fear that you won't be able to load Cubase w/ any success because of that E- licensor.What a pain in the you know what,why they do that is beyond me,Hey steinberg,make it easy for those who are spending good money on this package to actually have a decent recording setup that works,this has gone on too long w/ this brick wall that you toss in at the end of the setup,Sorry,my only pet protest of this thing,fix the thing.Ranting aside,This can give you so much in textures that it is laughable,especially w/ how they now do the firmware.the quality went up in leaps and bounds and there is a patch in this for anyone who has ears and can play musically.I heard a guy use this on a keyboard percussion instrument and it was beyond cool what I heard coming from him.The sky is the limit folks,Use this,and be creative.

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
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