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Zildjian Medium Thin Cymbals

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If you've done your homework on cymbals, then you probably know what to expect from different weights: namely, that heavier ones are champs of volume and sustain, while lighter ones take the crown for speed and fullness. This means that choosing the best weight is a compromise, and if you're looking for the most balanced performance that has a little bit of everything, you'll find your best bet somewhere in the middle range of weights. And that's where these Zildjian medium-thin cymbals come into the picture. Just a hair on the lighter side, they'll give you great control with a decent amount of power - not to mention the amazing tone you'd expect from any cymbal with the Zildjian name on it.

Sometimes, finding the perfect cymbal is a simple matter of matching to your experience level and budget. For instance, if you're new to the percussion game, why not check out the ZBT series? Cymbals like the Zildjian ZBT Crash and the Zildjian ZBT Crash Ride Cymbal are made with beginners in mind, delivering a ton of bang for your buck. On the other hand, if you're a drumming vet looking for something state-of-the-art, maybe an advanced cymbal like the Zildjian K Constantinople Bounce Ride will be the way to go.

Every cymbal model Zildjian produces has its own unique voice and character, and it's up to you to decide which one will be perfect for your musical style. Just take your time and look at everything this section has to offer, and you'll be well on your way to tracking down the best fit. After all, you really can't go wrong with the biggest and oldest name in cymbals, so when you want something on the lighter side of mid-weight, a lineup filled with Zildjian medium-thin cymbals is a great place to go looking for it!
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