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Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20

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A full set of Zildjian's groundbreaking new Acoustic/Electric cymbals, including 14" hi hats, 18" crash cymbal, and 20" ride cymbal, three dual condenser mics, the controller/module, and all cables an... Click To Read More About This Product

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A full set of Zildjian's groundbreaking new Acoustic/Electric cymbals, including 14" hi hats, 18" crash cymbal, and 20" ride cymbal, three dual condenser mics, the controller/module, and all cables and necessary cymbal mounting hardware.

Zildjian Gen16 AE cymbals combines low volume acoustic cymbals, an innovative new dual-head mini microphone system, and a controller/mixer with preset tone modeling that allows the user to experience an array of Zildjian tones and/or add effects to each real AE cymbal. The cymbals come in a full range of models including rides, hi-hats, and Chinese.

"The Acoustic Electric Cymbal is capable of creating a wide range of sounds, from that of a classic Zildjian cymbal to some very non-traditional sounds," explains Zildjian's VP of New Business & Product Development, John Roderick. "For drummers, it will have an inspirational impact akin to what the acoustic electric guitar has done for guitarists."


  • 14" hi-hats
  • 18" crash
  • 20" ride
  • DCP controller
  • Three dual-head mic pickups
  • Five-channel cable snake
  • Three mounting kits
  • Three dampening kits
Pro Coverage
Manufacturer's Warranty
Avedis Zildjian Company Warranty Statement

As of October 1, 2009, all Zildjian Cymbals are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects for two (2) years from the date of original purchase.
For warranty claims outside the U.S., contact your local Zildjian distributor. Click here for the international distributor locator.
Warranty Process
Cymbals that show factory defects within two years of their original purchase are eligible for examination at our factory. Zildjian experts will evaluate the damage and issue a replacement cymbal, unless it appears the damage is related to improper use or care.

If you believe your cymbal has a factory defect:
1. Contact Zildjian to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#), via telephone: 781-871-2200.
2. Indicate the location of the damage on the cymbal with a piece of tape.
3. Make a photocopy of your original numbered and dated sales receipt.
4. Carefully package your cymbal. Include your RA# and the photocopy of your sales receipt in the box.
5. Ship the package to:
Avedis Zildjian Company
22 Longwater Drive
Norwell, MA 02061

A Cymbal will not be replaced if:
1. It has been misplayed, dropped, played with excessive force or treated abusively.
2. The center hole is worn due to improper stand set-up or abusive play.
3. The cymbal was bought second-hand or used in a lease program.
4. The cymbal has previously been replaced by Zildjian.
5. More than two years have passed since the cymbal was purchased.

Warranty Notes:
• Cost of shipping a damaged cymbal to Zildjian is the customers responsibility.
• Factory evaluations take approximately 4 - 6 weeks.
• Cymbals that do not meet the warranty guidelines will be returned to customer.
• Cost of shipping a replacement or damaged cymbal back to the customer will be covered by Zildjian.

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ZildjianGEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20

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(5 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


Okay, but does not live up to the hype

By Eric Tautfest

from Dallas, Texas

Comments about Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20:

I've been playing for about 30 years and am a loyal Zildjian player. I got my 14", 18", 20" GEN 16 set about two months ago and have been using them with my electric Pearl ePro Live kit with the "Chili Kit" sound replacement. The good stuff first: The GEN 16s have a great finish and the blue LEDs look neat, especially in dim light. The Hi-hats sound great. They are definitely the best of these cymbals. I was a bit worried about the durability of cymbals full of holes -- I'm not a super hard hitter, but I don't hold back either. I am happy to report that the harder I hit the crashes, the better they sound in terms of explosiveness and tone, and no damage so far. There is definitely a "break-in" period, so give them a workout. Having said that, (this is where I start-in with the bad stuff) the crashes don't sound nearly as good as conventional Zildjian cymbals. The GEN 16 crashes are washy sounding compared to conventional cymbals, which makes the reverb control on the DSP superfluous. Maybe the washiness will improve with further break-in, but you just don't get the attack and bite of a real cymbal. My real complaint is the ride. I play a lot of rock, so clear strong sounding bell is important. Forget it! The articulation stinks; the sound is a washed out and all you get is a weak high-pitched ping. The DSP presets are essentially useless. Forget about having any real control over the sound or being able to find an adjustment to compensate for the anemic bell sound. And, if you try to turn up the volume on the ride to try to get some sound out of it, the mics just start picking up the sound of stick strikes on the bell. I've also head from others that if the mics are turned up too much, they start picking up your monitors. That's not good. My band rehearses through a headphone amp, so this is not an issue, but it prevents me from using these in a live performance. I should also add that all of the cymbals have annoying overtones that have to be tamed with dampeners. All of my GEN 16s, even the HH, have two Zildjian dampening stickers on them - one on the bell and one about an inch from the edge, which does the trick. Also, the DSP does not have individual outs or midi, so recording with these is limited. This leads me to believe that the GEN 16s were really only meant for quite practice and not recording. The DSP is held onto the mounting bracket with a magnet, instead of being screwed on. The weight of the cords connected to the back make the DSP fall off the mounting bracket. Neat idea to use a magnet, but the implementation is poor. One last thing; I ordered my set back in July 2011 from another online retailer and it never came off of back order status. I called Zildjian, they gave some nonsensical reason for shipping delays (something about European electronic approval delays), but they did tell me that they had just shipped two sets to a Guitar Center near me here in Dallas. I went there that day and bought one of the sets. I also ordered, back in July 2011, individual cymbals and a DSP, but the ship date keeps getting pushed back again and again. C'mon Zildjian, your inability to get this product out is ridiculous and sends a bad message about the company. Overall, the GEN 16s are just okay, but mostly disappointing. There is no way these things are worth the price or live up to the hype But they do look cool.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


LOVE These Cymbals


from St. Louis, MO

Comments about Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20:

I just got my Gen-16 set (14" Hi-Hats, 18" Crash, 20" Ride) 3 weeks ago. The setup was very painless. I wouldn't go as far as the first person to review this and say that the hi-hat clutch was that difficult. I watched the tutorial after I put it together and it wasn't that hard when I assembled it. I too use mine with Pearl's e-pro live drums. The difference between the sounds you get from cymbals that come with a drumset (drum module) and the Gen-16 cymbals is immense. You can't come close to the accuracy or clarity of these cymbals with any rubber or plastic cymbals. It would be nice if there were more than 20 sounds per channel, but for what you get right out of the box, they sound great. I agree that the amount of holes in each cymbal did make me question the durability. I can hit them just like I would at a live show and not have to worry about anything. The lights built into the microphones area nice touch too. You have the option to play without the lights on. But honestly, if you have the option, who would choose not to play with them on? Overall, they sound great, they're durable (for having hundreds of holes), and you can't get better quality cymbals for electronic drums than these.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Something new something different


from Portland, Oregon

Comments about Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20:

I guess I am the first to review these cymbals. First off great quality build cymbals nothing less expected from Zildjian. The nickel plated finish is nice. Setup was real easy with the cymbals and mics but the hi hat clutch was kind of a pain getting the lug nut tightened so be forewarned you will get frustrated. As for sounds... I'm kind of mixed on the sounds. Some are really good and some are just so so but that is my opinion. I will try and tailor more with the pan and reverb knobs on the module and see how it goes and give a future update. I am using the Gen16 cymbal pack with my Yamaha DTXtreme III electronic drum set definitely a big change from the rubber cymbals and rubber hi hat. So far it's a different interesting experience at this point but kinda cool nonetheless. If you've been wanting to use real cymbals on your electronic kit then give em a try if you can find a place that you can demo in person. I didn't have the luxury so just bought them from what I saw on Youtube videos but so far I'm happy with em.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


It's about time

By Gerald Colantuoni

from Boston, Ma.

Comments about Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20:

Love that the maker of the best cymbals and keyboards (Zildjian and Korg) teamed up to create these amazing cymbals. I thought about them for awhile, did some research on them and finally bought them. If you buy them definitely download the firmware update. And sit down and tweak them till you get the sound you want. The quality is nothing less than excellent . I play an E-Kit this is exactly what I was waiting for. It feels good to play real cymbals instead of rubber . If you don't like electronic drums or are a purist you won't like these cymbals at all. In my research I have seen a lot of negative reviews of people who don't even own them. So why would you say anything about something you know nothing about? It's up to you to decide. They sound awesome ! And feel great ! Check them out for yourself.

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Please dont spend your money on These..

By stevanus leeputra

from New York, NY

Comments about Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20:

THIS CYMBAL IS A NO, NO, NO! Seriously, i spent more than 1 grand for this cymbal, after couple months the mics were just blinking and then it died. so i havfe lost 2 mics, and then i have to buy a "real" cymbal. so, i simply say you better buy a real cymbal and play it with acoustics drumsticks if you purposely want to play in small venue. IF you still want to buy, good luck!! i am not getting any these nor replacement.. such a waste time and money.. basically, traditional cymbals are the best, it best at endurance, performance, everything!! im sorry i dont want to make zildjian to lose the business but, for $1000 you still can get 1 hi hat, 1 crash, and 1 ride. (without worry to break because its not an electronic) God bless.


A game-changer!

By Jeremy SleadJeremyS

from Central Montana

Comments about Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20:

I have been very impressed with these cymbals. Although I would have preferred a 16" crash to the included 18", I am very happy with the sound and performance of each cymbal in the set. Everything seems well-constructed and works together perfectly. I would prefer a better hi-hat clutch clamping mechanism rather than the older style where the wingbolt presses directly on the stand's pull rod (but it's a minor gripe.) I had no trouble at all assembling the units, and there are plenty of felts and sleeves for different types of stands (stands must have 8mm tilter shafts though.) Make sure you download the DCP editing software- you'll be amazed at how "personalized" you can make your sound presets. I found the included mini-dampener bolts help to greatly reduce overly ringy overtones (especially on the top hi-hat cymbal). I do wish the DCP case and pickup case were included- they seem overpriced to buy separately, and at around $1000 for the boxed set, it seems like plastic cases could be thrown in! As far as comparing these to "rubber frisbee" cymbal pad triggers: well, there truly is no comparison. These are real cymbals in every way, and the sound shaping software allows you to custom-tailor the sounds to your liking. Truly best of both worlds. Additionally, I know it's a smaller concern, but these cymbals look really cool- futuristic and familiar at the same time. I like the fact that the blue LEDs can be turned off for a more traditional look. I have also added the 12" splash and have a 16" crash on order. In my opinion, these are the coolest innovation in electronic drumming in a VERY long time.


Zildjian Gen-16 AE480

By Michael Bourg

from Weaverville, CA.

Comments about Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14, 18, 20:

First let me say that my local Guitar Center offered me an excellent discount on these which made the purchase even sweeter. I'm still dialing them in if you will at press time. I love the natural feel of them opposed to the rubber cymbal pads. The sounds however, are a bit different. I have found that the Hi-Hats and Ride cymbal is easier to get a more natural sound out of than the 18" crash cymbal. It sounds a bit gongy to me and not very pleasing. I have, however, ordered the 16" crash and am looking forward to it since I rarely play an 18" crash anyway. I gave it 4 stars because although it has won Best In Show at NAMM, to me there are still some things that need to be worked out.

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