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WolfPak Acoustic Guitar Polyfoam Case (WPPFA20)
WolfPak Acoustic Guitar Polyfoam Case
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WolfPak Polyfoam Trombone Case (RPFTM1)
WolfPak Polyfoam Trombone Case
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What good is an instrument if you can't take it anywhere? From lessons to band practice to center stage, WolfPak has a case to help you get wherever your musical journey takes you. With heavy-duty handles and polymer construction that provides the ideal balance of weight, resiliency and protection, WolfPak products are great for getting your instrument across campus or across the country. And with sleek styling, you'll always look like a professional. Whether your preference is for acoustic, electric, classical or bass, a WolfPak case is the perfect way to protect your guitar. Comfortable padded "hide away" backpack straps and a securely-bolted handle make transporting your guitar from home to school or studio to venue easy. The soft plush case lining protects your instruments from impacts, minimizing damage so it can look and sound better for longer.

If your trumpet is your chief concern, there are a variety of case options depending on your specific needs. Lightweight and durable, the polyfoam trumpet case is ideal for students or anyone who carries their instrument around regularly. The WPETPT1 single trumpet case is the next step up in terms of protection, offering over 1.5-inches of foam padding and a shatterproof shell to ensure your livelihood remains pristine.

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