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Way Huge Electronics Supa Puss Delay Pedal (WHE707)
Way Huge Electronics Supa Puss Delay Pedal
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With a bold sound and an equally bold look, Way Huge Electronics are considered legendary for their effects pedals. Sound-sculptingly retro, but with advanced electronics to keep you rockin’, these pedals will completely transform the way you make music. No matter the effect you’re after, you’ll find it Way Huge's impressive catalog of pedals.

Started in the early 90s by Jeorge Tripps because he wanted more effects that he thought sounded cool, Way Huge Electronics are now part of Jim Dunlop. Little did Jeorge know they would blow up the way they did, with demand skyrocketing for pedals like the Swollen Pickle and the Red Llama. Now a staple for professionals and hobbyists alike, these pedals are considered icons by some. Read More...