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Valvetronix VT50 50W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

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The VOX Valvetronix VT50 is a 50W combo amp that gives you 22 amp models ranging from the latest high-gain types to hard-to-find boutique and vintage amps. The VOX VT50 amplifier also boasts a full co... Read More


The VOX Valvetronix VT50 is a 50W combo amp that gives you 22 amp models ranging from the latest high-gain types to hard-to-find boutique and vintage amps. The VOX VT50 amplifier also boasts a full complement of effects, allowing it to cover the needs of a wide variety of styles and performance techniques. The VOX Valvetronix includes 66 preset programs, including 22 song programs that simulate the guitar sounds of famous guitarists. Even beginning players can enjoy serious guitar sound right away.

The VOX Valve Reactor circuit is the key factor that separates Valvetronix amplifiers from other modeling amps. The 100% analog original power amp circuit actually has the same power amp circuit as a full-tube amp, using a 12AX7 miniature triode to reproduce a distinctive tube amp sound unattainable by digital technology. In other words, it replicates aspects that have an important influence on the sound of a tube amp, such as the power amp's class A/AB operation and the interaction of the power stage with the speaker. You get not only the response of the original amp's power amp circuitry, but also the power amp's distortion as well as the nuances and subjective sound pressure of a full-tube amp.

  • 50W combo amp
  • VOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 to produce real tube power amp sound
  • 22 realistic amp models are built in, ranging from the latest high-gain types to unobtainable legendary boutique amps and vintage amps
  • 12 high-quality effects including independent reverb, rivaling the quality of dedicated units
  • 3 banks (basic, effected, and song) are provided for each amp model, giving you a total of 66 preset programs
  • 22 programs of "song presets" simulate the sounds of famous guitarists
  • You can save 8 of your own edited programs
  • Power level control allows you to adjust the output wattage of the power amp, so you can obtain that distinctive power amp distortion even at low output levels
  • Amp Models: Boutique CL, Deluxe Tweed, Super 4x10, AC15TB, AC30HH, Express Train, AC50CP2, UK 25TH, US '90s, UK Modern, Boutique Metal, Modded CL, Tweed 2x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC30TB, Boutique OD, AC30BM, UK '80s, Cali Metal, UK '90s, Metal Bull
  • 12 Effect Models: Delay, Tape Echo, Chorus, Comp, Octave, Flanger, Phaser, Rotary, Tremolo, Pitch, Reverb, Noise Reduction
  • Number of amp types: 22
  • Number of programs: 66 preset, 8 user
  • Input/output jacks: 1 x Input, 1 x Foot SW jack, 1 x Phone jack,
  • Power amp output: Maximum 50W RMS @8 ohms
  • Speaker: 1 x VOX original (12", 8 ohm)
  • Signal processing A/D conversion: 24-bit, D/A conversion: 24-bit, Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Power supply requirements: AC, local voltage
  • Included items: power cable
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Most Liked Positive Review


Nice amp!

Well after a month or more in researching and playing other amps in this catagory, I purchased this amp.It comes so much closer to the sound I want, and until I have the money...Read complete review

Well after a month or more in researching and playing other amps in this catagory, I purchased this amp.It comes so much closer to the sound I want, and until I have the money saved for an all tube amp,this amp will hold me over.It's sound is so much fuller and warmer, than the other amps of it's style,and plus the price is another great contribute to me buying it.If you do not have the money for an all tube amp and want something that will keep your "gear beast" at bay for awhile, I highly recommend trying and buying one of these.Everyone has different tastes in their seemingly endless pursuit of tone,I will not tell you this is the end of that pursuit, but it is a welcomed sound to my ears that will give me that "tone" I like,for awhile.Go play on one you'll see what I'm talking about. Good job Vox!


Most Liked Negative Review


Nice Tone very versatile - Input Jack Poor Quality

This is a very nice amp. Pretty good at modeling all the classic amps. The Boutique distorted and 70's British are the only two settings that I think is weak. You can...Read complete review

This is a very nice amp. Pretty good at modeling all the classic amps. The Boutique distorted and 70's British are the only two settings that I think is weak. You can really dial in some awesome Vox tones. Fender Clean is also well represented. The only issue I have with this amp is the Input Jack Washer will not stay tight. You can't tighten it without taking the entire back off. The first time it was pretty cool just to see the inside of the Amp. The 2,3,4,5,6 . . .etc not as much fun. I know the fix is just to go get a better washer - but I haven't and it's just kind of a pain in the neck. All that being said I would buy this again in a second

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The most versatile, best-sounding amp out there


from CA

This is truly an amazing amp. I've played this amp for several years now and never once even considered getting a different amp. I've played many different amps in a similar price range before and never been really impressed. But when I plugged into this amp, I was immediately hooked. It sounds amazing, is incredibly easy to use, and is very versatile, whether you play metal, old school rock, blues, doesn't matter, this amp has got what you need. The effects are also highly tweakable and sound nice (though you will get better effects from your pedals). bottom line, I highly recommend this amplifier, well worth the money.

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Great for rock

By Dylan Kling

from Chicago, Illinois

I have this amps little brother, and it has great tone. I play alot of Black Veil Brides and Avenged Sevenfold and matched with a Washburn WI15 and a Boss ME-70 footpedal this amp is amazing. Even with its natural distortion, it sounds incredible. I can do my hard rock and metal with this amp and then just switch it to the one of the clean channels and play Eric Clapton and Eagles songs.

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Upgraded from a VT30

By eErick Turner

from Amarillo Texas

I'm mainly a country, blues/Texas blues and southernrock guitarist and have found the VT30 amp really worked good for me with the exception of not having a line out and being a bit small. I upgraded to the VT50 and love it. Found the VT100 a bit dark unless the volume was way up, the VT50 was a perfect fit for me. If it's a smaller venue or just jamming with friends it's got plenty of power as a stand alone, have had no problems. Would highly recommend this amp to anyone �ۡ���� but especially people considering other more exspensive amps, this is your best bang for the buck.

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By Steve Smith

from West Palm Beach FL

Many years ago when I learned the original blues musicians, our black brothers, used no name guitars and when they electrified many used solid state amps I decided I was not one to follow a particular brand or style just because �ۡ��̏it looked good�ۡ�ݕ�_. Any guitarist worth his strings knows that 90% of �ۡ��̏your�ۡ�ݕ�_ tone comes from your fingers and your picking style. I, like many of us, play a scope of songs and styles, thus first became interested in modeling amps when Line 6 introduced the first Spyder amp. At the time I found this met my needs. I would mic it and play for crowds up to 1500 people. I would receive many comments and amazement about my little Spyder almost hidden in the equipment line. I have also used Peavey hybrids, Ashdown tuber and another favorite was a little Roland solid state 15 watt which I would also mic for gigs. Recently I needed to extend my range and came across this Vox modeler. This is a winner! Incredible responsiveness and versatility. The on-board effects are great and the only thing I put in front of it is a wah. Yes, it has presets and ready-made models of the sounds of specific sounds but I have never used them. I determine what type of style a song needs, select the amp model, push the manual mode button and now I have the amp that I need for the song. Adjust the eq, select any effects needed and I am ready to go. I can turn the effects and reverb on and off with the optional (and inexpensive) foot switch). The same foot switch will let me set the tempo needed. Who ever said this amp is not user-friendly really does not understand this amp. It works the same as any amp! The attenuator in the back is a great feature as I can easily adjust for any size venue and still have all the good stuff a dimed amp has. I bought the 112 model as I only mic 1 speaker anyway and I tell you, you cannot go wrong with this amp. So if you are brave enough to look past the �ۡ��̏snob�ۡ�ݕ�_ patrol then this amp will serve you well. Have fun and play on but remember have fun doing it.

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Highly Dissapointed

By Andy

from Peoria, IL

I couldn't have been more dissapointed. When I got this amp home I played around with it all night trying to get the right sound, but I never really could. The user interface was confusing and not straight forward like I've come to expect from amps. Maybe I just don't get the whole VOX thing, but this was ridiculous. I play at church and after one rehearsal and Sunday morning enough was enough. I took it back to GC and bought a Peavey VYYR 60. I love the Peavey and the controls actually make sense. Good idea VOX, but I give it a 1 for user friendliness.

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If you are shopping in this price range, try this amp!!!

By Brian Lintner

from Dallas, TX

I would highly recommend this amp to anyone �ۡ���� but especially people considering competitively priced Line 6 or Marshall MG amps. I have recently owned all 3 of these products in my quest for a good practice amp, and the Vox is far superior in quality, tone and usability to these other manufacturers. The Marshall MG broke after 10 days. The Line 6 POD was just too complicated and sounded tinny (whenever I switched guitars, it took me ̴_ hour to set up my tones again). The Vox gives me 22 great amp models that are simple to modify to my tastes, user friendly effects (including Tremolo!), and a very �ۡ��̏live�ۡ�ݕ�_, responsive tone that reminds me of high end tube amps. As I said, this was purchased as a practice amp. I currently also own a Vintage Marshall JCM-800, and a Fender Custom Vibrolux, so I can compare this amp�ۡ���s tones to these high-end beauties. This is the first Amp I�ۡ���ve ever owned that can truly cover both real Marshall Crunch and Fender Cleans. Trust me �ۡ���� I�ۡ���ve been trying to find that capability forever. I�ۡ���ve dialed in the 4 Fender/Marshall tones I really needed, and now I get to play with the other amp models! I�ۡ���ve never used Vintage Vox amps before, but 5 models are offered here and I�ۡ���m digging the glassy high end with my Telecasters and Epiphone Casino. Other modeled tones include: 5150, Triple Rectifier, Bogner, Dumble and others. To sum up, this amp is a great value. If this will be your only amp, I recommend 50-watts or higher and a 12-inch speaker with Solid State amps. If you ever want to play with a drummer, you�ۡ���ll need at least that much kick. With an extension cabinet and some stage miking, a 50-watt rig can last you until you�ۡ���re making enough money to justify a step up. I also recommend the optional foot switch. Even if you do not need it right away, companies tend to update amps and footswitches, so the switch that matches your amp won�ۡ���t be around forever (read �ۡ���� you�ۡ���ll never be able to sell a used amp without a foot switch).

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By prince

from Mexico

I just buy this amp from about two weeks ago. The guy at GC shows me some Marshall, Line 6 an Fender amps before I̴��ve tried this one. The multiple amp selection it̴��s a great thing, also the multi effect brings you the benefit of different and multiple sounds in one cage. I also buy a multi-effect pedal, but with the different sounds and effects of the amp, I really don̴��t use it at all. So much power, clean sound, multi effects,etc, in a very good looking cage. I̴��m in love with this amp. Try it and you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

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Great amp and awesome sound. Got EXACTLY what I wanted. Read for details

By Mike aka Omzig

from parma, OH

I have had a few amps and I play guitar for my own enjoyment. But, I am picky about the sound and have always been disappointed in amps I've owned previously. I mainly like old rock and metal plus some new rock and metal. Prior to this amp I have owned a Peavy Tube combo but it couldnt get the crunch I want since it had 6L6 tubes. Ive own a crate amp with twin 12"s. OK amp but not so versitile in sound. Then I've had a Marshall Valvestate and one of the MG serious. Less then impressed with the Marshall solid state! Now onto the Vox Valvetronix VT50. Cosmetically the amp is ugly (IMO) but sound wise WHOA BABY. I've only owned this for a few days now but for the first time ever I am 100% happy with the sound i can achieve. I have found settings that are amazing and perfectly mimic the bands I am copying. Within a few hours of tinkering I have great sounds/settings for a few bands I like... Thus far I have settings for Offspring, Kiss, Judas Priest and Firehouse. And these tones are VERY close to the artists tone. VERY CLOSE ! The crunch and tube sound I found i have never been able to get with any other amp. Next I will try and get sound/settings for Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and Shadows Fall. I will have to make another post after more time with the amp. Like I said, in anyother amp I have always been disappointed, not with this Vox ! Plus I used a $50 off special GC is offering right now so this incredible amp for under $350??? Whoa no complaints here !!!

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By matt

from mcallen, texas

well, i was very anxious to buy this amplifier, i did a lot of research months befere, and compared between some other amps in its price range, but when i brought it home i realized its not for me, i like to play metal and metalcore, and this amp simply doesn't sound good enough for heavy riffs, i would say, get this amp if you wanna play something light, because this is not woth it if you wanna play metal

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great for blues

By Big Sid and the Hoodoo Snake Doctors

from Jonesville,SC

I've only had mine for a short time as I bought it when my HDX had to go to tech and I had upcoming shows. I am mainly a blues and southernrock guitarist and have found this amp really works good for gigging. Shove a mic in front and sit back and wail. If it's a smaller venue it's got plenty of power as a stand alone. have had no problems and actually use it more than the HDX. Will be adding the foot switch in a couple of weeks. I have actually ran it in bypass and ran a full pedal board with no problem. also run my Vox wah inline every show with no problems. great Amp just wish I had bought one sooner.

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