Vox Valvetronix AD100VT 100W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp  

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The Vox Valvetronix AD100VT 100W Guitar Combo Amp gives you the amazingly realistic tube preamp sound of Valvetronix technology. You also get Vox Valve Reactor circuitry for the sound and feel of tube... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Vox Valvetronix AD100VT 100W Guitar Combo Amp gives you the amazingly realistic tube preamp sound of Valvetronix technology. You also get Vox Valve Reactor circuitry for the sound and feel of tube power, and 11 models of vintage and modern amp classics including the legendary Vox AC30. It also packs a block of 11 high-quality effects including composites, 100W of juice, and 2 - 12" Vox speakers. Knob-based controls make it a combo amp that's easy to drive. 2 channels and manual mode give you 3 distinct sound sets. Output wattage is adjustable. Line and headphone jacks are provided for home recording and silent practice. Programs and effects are footswitchable with optional VFS2. (See accessory box on this page.)

  • 100W
  • 2 - 12" speakers
  • Vox Valve Reactor circuit delivers real tube tone
  • 11 amp models
  • 11 high-quality effects (including composite effects)
  • User program storage
  • 2 channels
  • Preset amp models
  • Knob-based interface for quick and intuitive editing
  • Line and headphone jacks for home recording or late-night practice
  • Operates as a conventional amp in manual mode
  • Adjustable output wattage of the power amp
One year parts and labor warranty.

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A great amp for your money

I started with the AD30VT, and then moved up to the AD50VT. The next logical step up was the AD100VT. Sure the AD30VT and the AD50VT are fine amplifiers, but for a...Read complete review

I started with the AD30VT, and then moved up to the AD50VT. The next logical step up was the AD100VT. Sure the AD30VT and the AD50VT are fine amplifiers, but for a gig, you need more power. The 50 watt model will work, but I am very happy I purchased the 100 watt model. You'll be heard over the drummer no problem. One reviewer wrote that the sound isn't as clean as one would want, and that's true even though (I find) the sound to be very clean. For near perfect tone you would need to spend a heck of a lot more money. For someone beginning to gig and budget-minded, this is the amplifier to get. Did I forget to mention that this amp is LOUD. I think I did. Sure enough, it is, and without much tone degradation if any. If you have it set at it's highest distortion levels, then yes, there's a problem at the higher volumes. But usually the police will show up before you are too disappointed. Aside from all that, this amp has the great screaming tube amp sound, and I highly recommend buying it. However, if you want professional quality (this comes close), you have to pay some big money (in the thousands of dollars), and maybe this amp isn't for you. My only real gripe is that this amp is heavy, and could use a set of casters so you can wheel it around without having to lift it. I built (essentially) a mechanics creeper out of plywood, and parts from the local hardware store for about 10 bucks, and problem solved. Oh yeah, keep this amp at least two feet away from CRT TVs. The speaker magnets are powerful. The speaker magnets will mess up the image on the screen. Same goes if you still have anything on magnetic tape such as cassettes, VHS tapes, and whatnot. They WILL be slowly ruined due to close proximity. Above all, enjoy!


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Versatile Enough for everyone

I have spent my entire career as a guitar player searching for great tone as well as versatility in my equipment due to the diverse styles I like to play ranging from Folk/jazz-fusion to...Read complete review

I have spent my entire career as a guitar player searching for great tone as well as versatility in my equipment due to the diverse styles I like to play ranging from Folk/jazz-fusion to black metal/shred requiring incredibly different tones. This amp allows me to acquire each of the tones I need as well as a few extras. Using my Godin Freeway Classic guitar, I have managed to nail nearly every sound in my head so far. I am very pleased to own this amp.

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pretty decent

By jesse

from danbury ct

I've had this amp for about a year now. i bought it used from my friend who had it for about a year before he sold it to me. the tones it has are very good and perfect if you're looking for metal or like 80's rock but this amp honestly isn't that versatile. i mostly just play it on clean and it sounds good but it just doesn't have what I want. I'm not too sure you can use a pedal with a vox either so just be sure you know what you're getting yourself into when you buy this amp.

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LegenI really love this amp. Its perfect.dary

By Garrett

from Atwater, CA

I got this amp about a month ago and it really has no flaws. I mess with the settings all the time and am still not even close to hearing all of the different configurations of tone and effects it has. It has about ten different types of distortions, and two perfect clean tones that cover about every range of rock I know, from the Doors to Megadeth. The effects arent quite perfect but are still amazing, and i dont even need pedals because of them. And also, this is amazingly loud. I play it in my room and I keep the power level at the minimum- 30 watts. And if i put the master volume at about a third of the way up then it is enough to make my ears ring. Thats not even a tenth of the total volume. Its just full of perfect tones

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The Best Amp Out There

By Nathan66

from Santa Rosa, CA

I recently purchased this amp almost brand new from a seller nearby. It is the BEST amp I have ever used. It has tons of power, awesome effects and even features an effect level nob and a tap button to sync the effects to the tempo of your song. It has two channels that you can completely customize as well as some awesome presets. Sound amazing hitting those highs, and really rumbles through the lows. Extraordinary clean sound too. Overall, I rate the 100VT a perfect 5. It's really the best you can buy for the money and the quality is unbeatable. Awesome amp!



By Psychedelictheband60

from Undisclosed

The vox valvetronix ad100vt xl is the amp to buy. This thing cranks man. And it has the warm tube sound. I use it for my garage band and you can hear this amp from down the street. You won't need an effects petal ethier because it has a lot of effects built in. The only problem I had which wasn't big at all was it takes time to learn it with all of the features but over all this amp is amazing!


Amazing practice amp

By Mockingbirdkids

from Oshawa, Ontario

I actually own the Vox AD50VT but I wanted to write the review because I know that all products in this line are very similar and I am very satisfied with this product. My main rig is a Marshall TSL100 with an orange PPc412 but I bought this amp and I keep it in my room for low volume playing. I've had it about 3 years now. I love the actuator on the back of the amp to keep the power to the speakers at a minimum while keeping to tone to the max. It has unbelievable affects on it and I use it to record back ground parts in some of my recordings. My only complaint about the AD50 in this line is that it comes with a Celestion 70/80 when the rest of the line comes with a vox original. This speaker stock is ok but i replaced it with a vintage 30 and it sounds very stable in the mid range and actually has bass now. This amp is incredible and I recommend it to anyone.


100% pleased

By Rex Murray

from Myrtle Beach, SC

I've owned this amp for a while now and I can honestly say that it's the best amp I've ever had. The tones that come from this thing are outstanding. No matter what sound I'm looking for, I can find it with this amp, whether I'm looking for a lighter sound or a heavier rock sound. Definitely the best bang for your buck.


amazing amp for the price

By Rex Murray

from Myrtle Beach, SC

I've had this amp for quite some time and I can honestly say that I'm completely satisfied. I can easily find any tone I desire with it and, for the money, it's probably the best amp you can get. I would recommend it.

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It's on a plate, it must be food.........."

By Dave "Coden Slim" Runolfsen

from Mobile, AL

Bought this little beastie as a backup amp to my tube rig. Tubes are wonderful, but they don't sound the same every nite, and when everything goes south, it's nice to be able to switch signal and control cables, hit a switch and be back on top with a known known........ I have owned a couple VOX solid staters' in the past: A Super Beatle and the 1/2 Super Beatle Buckingham. Cool amps both. But this thing is a whole 'nother deal. It is impossibly loud. Plenty of juice for anything up to and including passing for a tornado siren. And yes, it will take some getting used to in regards to how it operates. All I need is a good clean channel, a nice grind channel and a touch of 'verb to switch in and out. Using the channel select mode, set up a Dumble Clean with a bit of hair, a Marshall Plexi with some good mid bite, put the reverb in the back, SAVE each channel (or you'll start over from scratch every time you switch channels) and I'm done. I've used this amp for a series of shows to work out the kinks, and it has proven to be a keeper. The output power level is the key to getting a decent sound at something other than 747 levels. I run it about 70%, master wide open and set my actual volumes with the preamp gain/volume, balancing clean and grind. Drag issues? It doesn't react very well to pedals hitting the front end. Your gonna have to read the manual. Once you understand how it works, it'll be much better. This amp gets real close to the "feel" of a tube amp, not just the sound. Vox's use of a 12AX7 to mimic the output stage of a tube amp is clever. And it works.

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So Close, Yet So Far

By The Public Image

from Manchester, NH

The Vox AD100VT 2x12 has a lot going for it, in theory: the lone 12AX7 tube in the preamp section gets close to pure-tube feel and response, and the amp models are extremely useful for creating a wide variety of tones both classic and modern.Where the amp fails is in the accessibility of these features. The on-board controls are simple enough, but the FSW-2 footswitch (which isn't included with the amp) doesn't really give you too many options. What Vox SHOULD have done is to have included the simple two-button footswitch, and then released a separate and far more complex pedal that would give the user instant access to all of the outstanding sounds offered by the AD100VT.Why include a bunch of decent-sounding effects if the user has to switch them on/off and adjust the parameters by hand? Why include the ability to write 2 channels (3 if you count Manual mode) when you could just as easily provide 200?Nonetheless, the AD100VT is completely reliable. I've had mine for a little under a year and it's not failed me yet. Durability and great tone make this amp a great deal for the money.

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I always loved VOX since the '60s

By '65 Strat-player

from Labrador City, Labrador NL Canada

I've had my '65 Fender Stratocastor new and it played so well in the VOX Beatle (yeah- the big one 4-12s, stand - the works, then I had it through the VOX Viscount - and it sang. Then through a Fender Twin with DF-120 JBLs & K-120 JBLs - it was real nice. Now I have the VOX AD100VT and I'm back in business with the sound I grew-up to. So many options to use - takes time to learn but well worth it when you crank it out. I thought I had alot of options with the Beatle & Viscount and the "Y" jack cord that came with them (that was nice then), but I have to say... VOX with the AD100VT in is the lead again! I also have a ToneWorks 1500G going into the thing... Man! -does my '65 Strat sound good!!! - what a perfect combination!

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