Vox AC4TVH 4W Tube Guitar Amp Head  

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The Vox AC4TVH Tube Amp Head arrived nearly 50 years after the debut of the AC4 guitar amplifier in 1961. The AC4TVH guitar amp head is an all-tube practice amp with remarkable self control. This up-t... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Vox AC4TVH Tube Amp Head arrived nearly 50 years after the debut of the AC4 guitar amplifier in 1961. The AC4TVH guitar amp head is an all-tube practice amp with remarkable self control. This up-to-date Class A amplifier retains the distinctive EL84 power tube of the original AC4 amp and features a 12AX7-powered preamp. The sophisticated sound is unmistakably Vox, delivering distinctively British top-end tone.

Simple and sexy, the Vox AC4TVH guitar amp head wears its pedigree proudly. The amp's cabinetry features the same TV-front design first used on the classic 1958 Vox AC15, and still used on the Vox AC15H1TV Heritage Series.

One of the challenges confronting an all-tube amp is retaining full tone at lower volumes. To solve this issue, the Vox amp head features a built-in power attenuator, with 4-watt, 1-watt and 1/4-watt output levels”ensuring you never lose that classic tube tone, even at the lowest listening levels. Pair your Vox AC4TVH head with the Vox V112TV cabinet for the ultimate practice amp.

  • Affordable all-valve design
  • Switchable output levels 4W, 1W, and ¼W output levels
  • Quality vintage Vox styling
  • Controls: Tone, Volume, OP Level (4W, 1W, ¼W)
    In/Out Jacks: Input, External Speaker Jack (¼")
    Output: 4 Watt RMS 16-Ohm
    Power cable included
One year parts and labor warranty.

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Mind Blower - Simple and Sweet

By troy clark

from kalamazoo MI

I traded a guitar for the AC4TVH head and 1x12 cab.. Right off the bat i was impressed by the looks,, then I picked it up.. The weight is about a lunch box with a sandwich, soda and apple.. basically very light.. same with the speaker box.. You could easily carry this pushing a walker... I'm going into detail here because this amp blew my mind at band practice the other night.. I play in a country/rockabillyish band, and the bass player talked me into getting this amp.. at my house I was very happy with the amps natural break up.. no effect or reverb, while setting at the computer jammin along with stuff, the 1/4 watt setting was awesome.. and switching it to 4 watts was going to get me in trouble with the wife.. so I took it to practice to share in my amazement.. plugged in the tele and was showing it off on our break about half way through practice. discussing how wonderful this will be in the studio. My main rig is a silverface 75 watt Pro Reverb combo made into a head, setting on a custom made fender 4x12. w/two Celestion 65 and two Idaho 80's (Stock pro reverb speakers) wired at 8 ohms.. basically around 150+ watt cab.. and a pedalboard full of TC Electronics pedals So I swaped out the AC4 Head and plugged into my 4x12 just for giggles, and we started to practice more... within two songs my jaw was on the floor.. I could not believe I was jamming with the band with 4 watts, and I was running the volume on 5. I just kept saying "I CANT BELIEVE THIS TONE" the natural overdrive and dirtyness was so much better than my Fender and pedals, I found myself not using any pedals but a slap delay .. I wasn't even missing my Fenders reverb at this point.. We played for 2 more hours and everyone said it was so much better, the tone blended with the other members.. the saturation was better, THIS AMP WAS A MIND BLOWING GAME CHANGER for me.. I have a NEW respect for all those dudes out there ranting about there 11 watt boutique amps.. Do yourself a favor,, If you want a Dirty Breakup tube amp, buy this head and try it on a few cabs.. it will run down to 8 ohms fine, and the magic happens when you get its wound up to 5 or 6.. and 10 is almost too loud unless your drummer breaks sticks all the time, your going to love this amp... very quiet also.. and the Cleaner side of it is a true VOX sound.. SIMPLE AND SWEET this 4 watts has a BIG sound .. when it starts push all its power, it really comes alive.. I can't wait till next band practice and try a few other guitars and my 2x12 cab

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Flawlessly demonstrates its purpose

By Andrew McCall

from Tucson, AZ

It's .25 to 4 watts, non master. It's got a tone knob. Whether it's your first amp, or a tube-warmth provider for late night noodles, you have a reason for buying this amp. It has limitations, letter openers don't open cans, but it serves many functions and I cannot find a flaw in its design; what it's designed to do it does so beautifully. Driving an Orange 2x12 this amp sounds better than my 30 watt heads at night time volumes. You can start soft at 4watts, volume up till it's too loud, kick down a wattage setting and turn the volume further till you've achieved your desired overdrive level. Headroom tops around "slightly too loud to hear others talk standing close to you" at 4 watts, your experience may (will) differ. I was a skeptic, but I knew I liked the concept of the controls and when I finally tried her out my natural scowl burned away in voxy shimmering sunrise.

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Disappointment Sets In

By Jared B

from Houston, TX

I've owned the AC4TVH and 1x12 cab for about three months. I'm an intermediate level player - I've played long enough to know I don't much care for this amp. So I figured with my pedal board all of the onboard features I was missing (no gain, no reverb, no EQ) could be adjusted on the fly. With the matching 1x12 cab, I figured I could get some decent low end. I thought the attenuator would let me get nice tube tones at bedroom volume. Wrong in all three instances. It does look super cool though - although it's particle board, so keep the beverages far away. My pedal board is pretty standard stuff - TS9, DynaComp, DS1 distortion, CE5 Chorus - nothing exotic, but all pedals proven to be adept at dialing in some great tones. Pretty much everything sounds "boxy" unless they are set up very carefully. In short, the amp has a very defined sweet spot...and it is sweet, but it's not going to allow much in way of styles - blues, jazz, traditional R'n'R - that's about it. The attenuator is great on the 4w setting and master volume low. With the 12", there is a decent level of headroom, but the break up is just muddy sounding. At 1w, you get really good sounding break up at middle volume levels, but very little clean headroom. At 1/4w, you get sloppy break up and no headroom. If you turn it down for "bedroom" levels on any setting, it's very thin, especially for a tube amp. I find myself grabbing my son's Roland Cube 80 and dragging it into my music room because the cleans are limitless and plugged into my board I can pretty much play whatever I want at any volume.

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Great Amp

By Curtis

from Flagstaff,AZ

I love this amp. I have a Fender Blues Jr and living in a house with people that go to sleep around 8:30 its hard to get in some Practice in, when all you hear is "turn your amp down" (the worst sentence ever) its a little hard. This amp is perfect, with the adjustable output just enough headroom its the perfect Practice amp. And just throw a Sm 57 in front of it and use it everywhere!

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By Alex

from austin, tx

basically, here's how it works. turn it on; crank the volume all the way; off you go. the power-tube distortion at non-deafening levels is the selling point here, and power-tube distortion is where great harmonically vibrant, full-sounding crunchy overdrive tones begin! :D what's great is when you back off the guitar's volume (the pickup's output), the AC4 is super responsive, and gets really "bright" with lots of "chime." then roll volume back on, and it gets nice and thick and dirty again. i don't have many pedals, but the ones i do have, this amp really responds to. the mxr distortion III, for example, can take the AC4 from a bluesy-type thing to alice'n'chains filth very easily. yes, if you have a lot of distortion & single-coil pickups, this amp will probably get noisy. such is life. the built-in attenuator is a nice touch. you'd be surprised how loud 1/4 watt is, let alone how loud 4 watts are. i'll say this amp is a must-own for any yardbirds fans.

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Almost sold it, but then it grew on me

By adam g

from baltimore MD

I ordered this head and two of the matching cabs right when they came out, before GC had them for sale, the head is serial number 200 or so. When i first started playing on the amp, it was fun to crank it all the way over and grind some joke solos, but it was falling short everywhere else. The bass response with my strat was bad, but with my gretsch is was sounding full. I popped it open to check the first gain stage, and there was a 22 uf cap on the first cathode, so all signals were being boosted...couldnt figure our the dryness....i was minutes away from selling when i came home and decided to just play for a couple hours, swap out a bunch of tubes. At the end of the day i was a bit more happy with the amp. It doesnt provide the bottom end i am used to with 6L6 amps, but for what it is, it does provide a good range of tones. It is loud,very loud, i dont really like the sounds coming out of the 1 and 1/4 watt settings, but the 4 watt is a keeper. Mine has a 60cycle hum you can notice with all controls on zero and no input...i play in a very small room...so most will not hear this. It is an annoying bug in the amp though. might just be my model though. Retwisting the filament leads from the PT lowered the hum a bit. With the board, tubes, and transformers so close, these bucking fields might be hard to get away from.

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Very Nice

By Cj

from Wheaton IL

Tried it with four different speakers, Readcoat Stonehenge, Heritage series Greenback, Patriot screaming eagle, funny it sounds best with the 16 ohm Alnico Blue, who would have thought that? Ha Ha No fuzz box needed here, I like all three wattage settings but the beef comes out with the four watt setting. Big thick Vox tone with chime on tap if you want it. I would have liked a choice of ohm outputs but who can complain at this price.

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