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When it comes to amplifiers, you can get away with talking about the "good old days," because it's an undeniable fact that vintage design methods still produce the best sound. That's something VHT understands very well, and by hand-wiring their all-tube amps, they've built up a reputation for impressive sound and build quality. Amplifiers aren't the only things that VHT has to offer, either: in this lineup, you'll find effects pedals as well as accessories ranging from replacement speakers to tube testers. To pick out a VHT amp, the first decision to make is whether you'd like a combo amp or a head-and-cabinet setup. That choice is going to depend on how and where you'll be using the amp. Combo amps are great for mic recording and playing small to mid-sized venues. They come all in one piece, which makes them easy and fast to set up, perfect for quick jam sessions and your day-to-day gigs. On the other hand, if you plan to record with a direct connection to a mixer, or you're playing really big venues, then an amp head may be the right choice. They give you the option of direct connection or using your choice of speaker cabinets, which means that patching into PA systems or driving enormous drivers are viable options. When it's raw power that you need, heads are the way to go. To go with your VHT amp, it's worth checking out their great options for effects pedals. The V-Drive Overdrive and VHT Melo-Verb are two fantastic examples; these pedals have loads of adjustability, so you can personalize your tone to a large extent. If you'd rather change the sound of your amp from the inside, check out accessories like the Special 6 EL84 Adapter, which lets you use an EL84 tube in a Special 6 amp, or the VHT ChromeBack 12 Speaker, a British-voiced driver that delivers a great blend of vintage character and modern power. When you take VHT onstage, you can play with confidence that you've got amps and accessories that have your back. It's not a stretch to say that VHT sets the standard when it comes to hand-wired tube amps, and the best part might be that they won't make you break the bank to own. For musicians of any skill level, VHT is a first-rate choice.