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Universal Percussion Pro 3 Elite Tom Bag (UPBBE1010)
Universal Percussion Pro 3 Elite Tom Bag
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Every musician needs to take care of his or her instrument, part of which means having the cases to transport it. That's the specialty at Universal Percussion, which offers a number of great gig bags to make sure your drums get to the venue unscathed and ready to play. There are also a few gigging and practicing essentials in the lineup, including a drum throne and practice pad, so you'll have what you need to get ready for the stage. Heading up the Universal Percussion drum bag lineup are the Pro 3 Elite series of bags for bass, tom and snare drums. They've got thick cushioned linings to protect their contents from bumps in the trunk or van, so you can be confident your drums are well defended from the hazards of the road. The straps are nice and sturdy, and they come with shoulder bolsters so you can carry the drums in and out of backstage doors comfortably. That's a good thing, since once you've tried these bags you'll probably want to use them for every show!

Of course, drums aren't the only things you'll be carrying to a gig. Universal Percussion also makes Pro 3 bags for cymbals, which have dividers inside to keep the cymbals from clanking around. The hi-hats get their own dedicated pocket, and there's a bit of room for sticks and other slim items to go in as well. Speaking of sticks, don't forget to check out their purpose-built stick bags to make sure you have room for all your main pairs and the spares, too.

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