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Ultrasound 1 Channel

Electric guitars aren't the only ones that need amplification. When you're playing an acoustic guitar outdoors or in a big venue, you may need more volume than the instrument can put out on its own to be heard by everyone. An UltraSound amplifier will be your best friend in these situations: they're purpose-built acoustic amps designed to deliver great tone every time you decide to plug in. UltraSound is the acoustic amp lineup of Dean Markley, a name that you probably recognize for their well-known range of strings. Thankfully, the same attention to detail and eye for quality that goes into those strings is present in the UltraSound series as well. These are full-featured, versatile amps that sound amazing with acoustic guitar pickups as well as keyboards, drum machines and microphones.

The right UltraSound amp for you will depend on the power level you're looking for. If you need something small and compact for jam sessions, practice and studio use, the AG15 15W 1x8 Acoustic Combo Amp is a great choice. But if power is a priority, you can "turn it up to 11" with the 100-watt CP100, which gives you a ton of headroom and crystal-clear sound quality.

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