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Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Pro Complete Workstation Software

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Plugsound Pro delivers 8GB of useful sounds, including all the sounds from the award-wining Plugsound Box (with some enhanced presets like the pianos), a new Classical section providing a wide range o... Click To Read More About This Product

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Plugsound Pro delivers 8GB of useful sounds, including all the sounds from the award-wining Plugsound Box (with some enhanced presets like the pianos), a new Classical section providing a wide range of acoustic instruments, and a complete selection of loops and phrases carefully sorted and ready to use.

This section features acoustic pianos in classical, jazz, and pop styles, as well as alternative sounds like Honky-Tonk and Detuned. It also contains a "best-of" selection of famous suitcase-style electric pianos from the most respected manufacturers of such bygone instruments. A wealth of clavinets, electric organs, and synth-based keyboard sounds complete the modern part of the collection. Featured traditional keyboard instruments include church organs, accordion, celesta, vibraphone, music box & xylophone. Finally, the new Release Trigger function in the extensive harpsichord section allows you to get a realistic recreation of this difficult instrument.

Fretted instruments
The acoustic guitar section includes a nylon guitar custom-made by acclaimed maker Gerome, and a wonderful spanish-style nylon guitar. Moving on to the steel strings section, you get a 12 string and several 6 strings acoustics (from prestigious makers like Guild, Martin, Gerome, and Maruha). Many dobro and bottleneck presets add their unique color to the acoustic section. The electric guitar section packs several clean Strat sounds through D.I. or amps like Jazz Chorus or Twin reverb. The D.I. are especially handy if you own an amp modeling effect plug-in. Distorted Strat is included too, captured with the ubiquitous SM57. The legendary Gibson Les Paul is also included, sampled through several different amps. The electric section also includes the Gibson 335, Jazz guitars, muted playing style guitars, and more.

The bass section starts with an awesome selection of double basses. Beyond that, a wide range of electric bass is covered, both fretted and fretless, including all the classic instruments like Jazz Bass, and many others, covering all current styles. And that's not all—volume two includes many more sounds like some superb harp presets and many ethnic sounds. The Ethnic section includes a great selection of more rare multisamples like banjo, mandolin, Celtic guitar, lute, sitar (and electric sitar), baglamas, bozouki, jubus, oud, lute from Morocco, saz, and tzouras.

Drum & Percussion
This is a superb collection of 5000 drum sounds, noted for its versatile and professional characteristics. Acoustic drum kits are sorted by style: Jazz, Natural (Brushes and Hot Rods), Raw (for pop and rock), and Treatment (distortion, gate and, spring reverbs, etc.). In the electronic drum section, the first folder offers a selection of sounds sorted by machines from which they originated. From the 70s to the 90s, all the classics are there, and a good number of forgotten models as well. The Stylistic kits offer another wide selection of electronic drums which are not so instantly recognizable, and are sorted by style rather than by machine: drums for dance, electro, groove, house, techno, trash, jungle, disco, lo-fi, vinyl, and more. The Drum & Percussion section also includes many urban construction kits based on the latest trends: Timba-style, funk mood, talk-boxed, M&M, pure R&B, Hip-Hop, etc. The R&B flavored drum selection is a most inspired toolkit, full of real heavy stuff.

To complete this rhythmic arsenal, an extraordinary percussion selection is supplied with more than 60 different instruments such as congas, djembe, bongos, shakers, triangle, tambourine, castanets, windchimes, clave, darbuka, woodblock, berimbau, timbales, rainstick, and many more.

World of Synthesizers
The World of Synthesizers section contains 512 patches in total with a huge collection of retro and modern synth sounds. The focus of this collection was to supply presets based on a very wide variety of analog, digital, virtual analog, and plug-in synthesizers. World Of Synthesizers focuses on real synth sounds taken from a range of essenntial machines from expensive workstations to specialized sound modules. It gives that collection a diversity of sound unrivalled by most hardware modules.

But this is only the basis to play with: the UVI Engine XT allows you to tailor each preset to your need with professional quality tools like amplitude and filter ADSR envelopes, resonant filters, mono mode appropriate for both leads and one of the 160 bass sounds, LFO for filter sweeps, tremolo, autopan, vibrato, or all four at the same time, and much more...

Synth categories provided in the library include: Composites, Flutes, Voices, Tines & Bells, Basses (acid, analog, disco/house, garage, electropop, Hip-Hop/R&B, sub, techno, etc.), Pads, Soft Pads, Filter Sweeps, Analog Brass, Leads, Organs, Piano-like, Textures/Fx and Short-Reso.

Global Collection
The global collection faithfully follows the GM standard for sound classification. The Acoustic and Electric Piano category is first, followed by Pitched Percussions, Organs, Guitars, Basses, Strings, Ensemble Sounds, Brass, Reeds, Pipes, and more. The collection then moves on to Synth Leads, Pads, and Composites, followed by Ethnic, Percussive, and Sound Effect categories. It then offers another 128 presets consisting of light versions of the original 128 GM presets. Finally, 7 GM drum kits are supplied, followed by 7 light versions. Most categories feature exceptionnal samples, including the difficult orchestral sounds, that are particularly good in this global collection.

This section is a truly professional orchestral library, featuring lots of incredible articulations to perform a realistic orchestral piece, including staccato, marcato, spicato, sustain with and without vibrato, pizzicato, and runs. It covers strings (violin, viola, cello, contrbass), brass and woodwinds, mallets, percussion, as well as a sensational collection of choir ensembles: men, women, and children choirs with both vowels and consonants. All classical keyboards like pipe organs and harpsichord are onboard as well.

The Plugsound Pro sound library also features hundred of carefully sliced and ready-to-use loops of all kinds: acoustic, urban and electronic drumloops, acoustic & electric bass and guitar riffs, percussion, and vocals. Working with loops is easy, powerful, and not limited with the UVI Engine XT. It remains synchronized to the host (including transport), even with dozens of grooves running along with your music. You can even use MIDI loops if you want.

Plugsound Pro is meant for use with the UVI Workstation engine and the MOTU MachFive II virtual sampler. The UVI Workstation is a multitimbral software instrument that provides unlimited parts, integrated effects, live performance feature, and a smooth real-time workflow. It operates as a MAC/PC standalone application and as a virtual instrument software plug-in compatible with Mac OSX and Windows for all major hosts sequencers.


  • New Hybrid UVI Engine, managing instruments and grooves in the same interface
  • 8 GB of sounds, including the complete award-winning Plugsound Box contents, plus additional classical instruments and loops
  • Universal compatibility Mac/PC
  • Expandable with new UVI Soundcards
  • Unlimited polyphony / ultralow software latency
  • Easy selection with a smart integrated browser, including realtime preview for grooves
  • MIDI learn on most of the parameters, including speed control
  • 64 parts
  • Parts can be instruments, loops or phrases, with a freely assignable MIDI channel (create stacks and layers in seconds)
  • 64 MIDI channels
  • Disk streaming for larger instruments
  • Multiple separate outputs
  • Expert mode to create complex stacks, layers, zone splits and key-switches performance, including instruments, loops and phrases
  • Multis are cross-platform & all host compatible
  • Sound Design-Shaping tools: envelopes, multi mode filters, LFOs, pitch
  • Complete professional effects arsenal, with easy editing : delay, reverb, phaser, flanger, chorus, EQ, filter, drive, distorsion, compressor
  • iLok Key required
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB free hard disc space, DVD-ROM Drive
  • Mac: OSX 10.3.9 or higher, G4/G5 (1.5GHz minimum) or Mac-Intel
  • PC: Windows XP, 2GHz Pentium IV or better CPU, OpenGL compatible graphic card
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