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Trick Drums Big Foot Double Pedal

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The Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot double pedal is in fact 2 fully functioning single pedals joined together as a double. The innovative design does away with the notoriously sloppy action of standard slave p... Read More

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The Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot double pedal is in fact 2 fully functioning single pedals joined together as a double. The innovative design does away with the notoriously sloppy action of standard slave pedals. By using two independent single pedals linked together with the advanced universal joint system, today's drummer can cover all the bases, in every possible playing scenario.

The Trick Pro 1-V Detonator bass drum pedal is an engineering marvel. The pedal features innovative design elements, aerospace materials - titanium, billet aluminum, stainless and hardened steel - and is machined on the latest state of the art CNC equipment. These technical innovations result in one thing: A pedal that plays like no other.

The Big Foot model double pedal has all of the same features as the original Pro 1-V Detonator, though it comes with a long board footboard. Instead of the traditional footboard heel block design, the Big Foot drum pedal uses a one-piece footboard that pivots at the far end of the board.

Compression Spring Technology
The Pro 1-V Detonator drum pedal utilizes an internally housed compression spring. Compression springs have the ability to cycle faster and utilize energy more efficiently. The benefit is a pedal that will react as fast as your foot. The compression spring works with the profiled cam follower to reduce the amount of spring tension build-up as the beater approaches the drum head; this gives you a more fluid stroke from beginning to end. Spring tension is adjustable while you're playing - simply turn the spring dial that is conveniently located within easy reach at the top of the main housing. Imagine no longer having to remove your pedal from the hoop to change tension settings.

Independent Split-Cam System
Because of the split-cam systems design, you can now change the attitude and attack of the pedal in seconds. Trick's fully independent split cam system allows the player to infinitely and independently adjust the beater from the drive cam angle with a 360° range of smooth yet solid settings. This system also allows for immediate conversion of the Pro 1-V Detonator into a cocktail kit pedal or a triggering pedal.

Multi-Position Stroke Adjustment Cluster
This three position cluster is an integral part of the sophisticated geometry at work on the Pro 1-V Detonator. It gives the player separate adjustments for the footboard angle, pedal action and throw. This feature is patent pending.

Universally adjustable, the Pro 1-V Detonator Bass Drum Beaters can be easily moved to any height/angle along the titanium shafts within seconds by using a standard size drum key. This allows the beater to strike your desired location on any sized bass drum without radically affecting the overall pedal feel. Hard/Soft surface change-out options are also included with beaters.

The Pro 1-V Detonator drum pedal footboard is machined from solid billet aluminum that is rigorously fracture tested to 12,000 lb. per square inch. The footboard is attached to the heel plate using a pressed-fit hardened solid steel pin which is extremely reliable and durable.

Base Plate - The Pro 1-V Detonator base plate is machined from solid billet aluminum. This provides the Pro 1-V Detonator with an ultra-sturdy platform on which everything else is built. The base plate is tensile strength certified to withstand over 12,000 PSI.

Slide-Trac Rapid Release Hoop Clamp
This multi-purpose feature streamlines your setup time. To connect the Pro 1-V Detonator to your bass drum, simply hold down on the spring loaded lever and slide the pedal onto your hoop and release. No more fumbling to screw and unscrew wing nuts. When it's time to pack up, simply squeeze down on the lever to disengage the clamp, remove your Pro 1- V Detonator pedal, and hit the road. The Slide-Trac has three memory set-screws so you can preset your hoop size and distance from the head for fast set up and tear down, time after time. It also allows the Pro 1-V Detonator to fit snugly and perfectly on any brand of bass drum hoop regardless of the width or thickness. This is truly a pedal like no other.

The Pro 1-V Detonator Double Pedal is in the Trick tradition of providing drummers with more value and more options.

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By belton hogue


Do not buy these pedals if you are simply trying to stay at the same level of performance you are at now, unless you just want these pedals for the good looks. Wouldn't it make more sense to just save your money? HOWEVER...If you are trying to IMPROVE your performance, you should have brought these pedals a long time ago! I was guilty of complaining about the price myself,(notice other pedals that aren't as high quality of materials are just as expensive) until I got the pedals in my hands and touched it. I pressed it with just one finger, and after seeing the reaction of the pedal, I knew it was the best in the WORLD. You have to understand that the quality of the pedal makes it worth buying this alone, no worries of having broken parts. Let me tell you I have had these pedals for three years now, and after learning PROPER bass drumming technique for fast metal, and finding my adjustment preference (finally, there really are hundreds, and I probably went through every one of them!!), I am just now being able to take advantage of the "magic" of these pedals. For those people who have complained of not being able to find their setting, saying "it takes too long", well, you can't just hop into a Lamborghini and drive it without learning how it drives and proper training, which doesn't happen over night, right? If you are someone who has taken back these pedals because you don't have patience, then you just cheated yourself out of an amazing set of pedals that would have made you an even better drummer. Just because you can do the same thing on another set of pedals does not mean they are just as good. Everyone has improvement potential. If you want to unleash yours, instead of just being stuck at 230 BPM's, then you will need the best possible pedals to allow you to do so. I have tried many pedals, and none come close to the TRICK pedal in strength, power, quality, or speed potential. By the way, for those of you who want a tighter spring.....The Iron cobra springs don't get half as tight as these springs can get...you can also loosen them so light you don't think you have a spring, although it is there and gives you an awesome rebound at loose setting. So don't be cheap. Drums are an expensive hobby. There are "cheap" drumsets that sound every bit as good as the more popular name brand sets, but when it comes to your feet, you need the best. TRICK left AXIS in the dust with this pedal. And because I purchased this pedal, In about a year I will pass up, and be able to eat many drummers alive when it comes to speed. By the way...the Dominator beaters (separate purchase, and about 2oz. heavier) give you that "BOOM!!" that you are suppose to get out of your bass drum. Add those to your BIGFOOTS, and you will be set---FOR LIFE. Oh, I just put some windex on them since purchase, and they look brand new again.

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(8 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


the best pedal ever

By steve-o-

from chicago,il

if you can afford this buy it. it goes really fast, has great action and is powerful. it can really hit the bass drum hard. great for all types of music. it is 100% versitale you can infanetly adjust the beater and footboard height.

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(22 of 22 customers found this review helpful)


The best you will EVER buy

By The ThunderHammer

from Buffalo, NY

There's no way to compare the Trick Bigfoots to any other pedal because Trick blows them all away. The tension can be ratcheted up tight with a simple turn of the screw, you can drop the footboard or raise it, put the beater close or far back, etc. I have the tension high, beaters 4" off the drum head, footboard on the lowest of the three holes, and set to "8" (basically a level pedal). My "sweet spot" at this setting is heel up, back third of the pedal. Now if you asked another Trick owner what their favorite settings were, their settings would be different but would take seconds to change. ***These pedals will help your speed at your current level, but if you are a sloppy player when you buy these, you will be a fast sloppy player unless you PRACTICE*** That being said, these drastically cut down on the learning curve. These pedals will never break down; they're solid and unlike anything on the market. Speed, power, accuracy, control, durability: what other pedal on the market has them all?

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(8 of 9 customers found this review helpful)



By t-row

from bakersfield, california

i've had these for almost a year now, and they're phenominal. i saw a review that said they aren't worth it to get used to them, but really they are. they are extreamly light, fast, powerful, and just all around cool. if you have patients, then they will not dissapoint you.

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(7 of 51 customers found this review helpful)


Its all hype

By Jbee

from EL Paso, TX

I have been playing Iron Cobras forever and I even played some really cool Pearl pedals and no problems playing fast metal or pop music, etc. When I bought these they came really hyped only to disappoint me severely. If you need to adjust to a Pedal, thats when everything goes wrong. The Pedal needs to adjust to you. I gave these Pedals a three day trial and they failed to get the feel I wanted. They are too mushy and bouncy. If a pedal takes you that long to adjust, it is not worthy.

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(14 of 15 customers found this review helpful)


The Next Level

By P. West OFIH drums

from michigan

I purchased my pair of Trick big foot pro v-1 pedals two weeks ago. Out of the box all I could say was wow. After playing them for a few weeks and taking them to three gigs I feel like I've got them tuned in. The precision, speed and power of these pedals is phenominal. Before this I was playing Iron cobras, I'd been playing those for 7 years. The switch to a direct drive long board has been very enjoyable. These pedals respone to every twitch and take less effort for speed in running and burst playing. In the short amount of time I've had these pedals I can already tell I'm playing better and faster. In short, save the money and invest in the last pair of pedals you'll ever want.

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(65 of 69 customers found this review helpful)


.........that is all

By jordan white

from saginaw michigan

This pedal is un-freaking-believeable. The smoothness is phenominal. The pedal itself works with your feet on the up-stroke, and provides a very even riff especially on the very fast double bass strokes that metal players love to play. As both an active player and a drum teacher, i strongly recommend this pedal. It may be exspensive, but it is well worth the price you pay trust me. p.s. ,it also puts a pretty little shine to your kit and gets alot of WOWS!

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