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GigaStudio 3.0 is a standalone Windows application that uses hard-disk streaming and advanced techniques to create vibrantly realistic sampled instruments. It offers access to the finest sound librari... Click To Read More About This Product

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GigaStudio 3.0 is a standalone Windows application that uses hard-disk streaming and advanced techniques to create vibrantly realistic sampled instruments. It offers access to the finest sound libraries ever assembled, from extensive orchestral collections, detailed piano samples, rich basses, rare keyboards, and much more. It also has incredibly powerful sequencing, mixing, sampling, effects, MIDI, recording, and editing capabilities. The Ensemble edition of GigaStudio 3.0 comes with a 10GB library of samples and a 160-voice polyphony.

Among the new features found in GigaStudio 3.0, there is support for ReWire routing into sequencing/recording applications such as Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and Pro Tools; a new DSP Station with 128 channels, 32 group faders and an expanded processing section for each channel; and realtime Quick Edit control over parameters such as tuning, envelopes, filters, attenuation, and sample offset. Handy features like VST plug-in hosting, realtime Surround Convolution, intelligent MIDI with expanded controller rules, 24-bit/96kHz instrument support, simultaneous recording for 64 audio streams, unlimited Instrument Stacking, and more expressive keyswitches and crossfades give you more flexibility and creative freedom. There's also GSIF 2.0 with Kernel Level MIDI and support for 32 channels of audio input and 64 channels of output, GigaPulse SP and GigaPulse Pro for breakthrough reverb, mic, and resonance simulation, and support for up to 512GB - 1/2 a terabyte - of samples.


GigaStudio 3.0 Ensemble plays up to 160 voices. More voices gives you the ability to layer instruments, add parts to your arrangement and approximate huge symphonic orchestras. And the efficient kernel-level processing and RAM usage in GigaStudio results in more polyphony than any other software sampler. Up to 8 banks of 16 MIDI channels can be played back for 128-part multitimbral sequencing.

Included for the first time in version 3.0 is Rewire support for routing GigaStudio into your sequencing program. This allows GigaStudio instruments to appear in your workstation software, right beside plug-in instruments and audio tracks.


GigaStudio 3.0 has a mixer built-in, with 128 channels and 32 fader groups. This allows you to submix instruments within GigaStudio so you don't need to deal with hundreds of faders during mixdown. There's 4-band parametric EQ and compression on every channel, with a graphic display to check your settings at a glance. Each channel has 8 aux sends, which can be linked for stereo operation. GigaStudio 3 can accept up to 32 input channels, useful for processing DAW tracks through GigaPulse Pro, and can output up to 64 simultaneous output channels.

GigaStudio 3.0 includes VST plug-in support, so you can use your favorite effects plug-ins to process sounds within the DSP Station window. Insert your favorite vintage compressor plug-in on a snare drum, a filter plug-in on a string line, tube amp distortion on a bass track - wherever your imagination takes you.


GigaPulse is an exciting component of GigaStudio 3. GigaPulse employs convolution to create incredibly realistic reverb, mic modeling and instrument resonance simulation. Convolution uses an actual recording as the basis for signal processing, essentially sampling the sound of a room.

GigaPulse takes real-time convolution to the next level. With realtime surround Acoustic Space Modeling, it goes far beyond any other convolution-based plug-in. The location of the performer in an acoustic space can be specifically located in the room, and the perspective of the mic can be changed for close-miking simulation. Mic modeling is also included, with included impulses of the finest microphones ever made. GigaPulse has unlimited microphone locations, compared to the 2 channels most other convolution effects processors, which is ideal for simulating Decca-Tree mic techniques and mixing in 7.1 surround. All of these features are included in the GigaPulse SP engine in every version of GigaStudio, so that libraries encoded with GigaPulse impulses will play back in every version of GigaStudio 3.


GigaStudio 3.0 now includes kernel-level MIDI processing, which means that latency is even lower than in previous versions. And since the previous version of GigaStudio had less latency than any other sampler on the market, sample playback in GigaStudio is just about instantaneous.

More than just changing MIDI features under the hood, GigaStudio 3.0 now offers intelligent MIDI processing modes. For example, the Alternation mode is great for recording string parts, where you can have notes alternate between up-bow and down-bow samples for more realism. A Legato mode triggers different samples depending how a part is played. For example, the initial attack of a flute note could have a chiff, but legato notes played after it wouldn't have this sharp attack. And the Random mode is perfect for livening up sampled performances. Instead of triggering the same samples for repeated 16th notes, GigaStudio can select from a bank of alternate samples so the performance doesn't feel so synthetic.

Many GigaStudio libraries also include articulation files, which allow you to switch to a different instrument articulation by pressing a key.

Editing and recording your own sounds

GigaStudio 3.0 has a Quick Edit window that gives you instant access to the most commonly accessed parameters. You can still use the full editor when creating your own samples, but Quick Edit is perfect for moving a part down an octave, changing the filter setting on a bass sound, shortening the release time of a synth sound, or other common tweaks you might do when putting together an arrangement. Just close the QuickEdit window when you're finished, no need to save and reload the sound. Changes are saved with your GigaStudio performance, so the original instrument on your hard drive stays the same.

GigaStudio 3.0 now also has the ability to record samples directly into the program. Just hook your DAT machine, CD player, or preamp to a GSIF 2-compatible sound card and start recording. GigaSampler 3.0 supports samples at 96kHz/24-bit, so you can capture instruments and effects with extreme detail. GS3 can record up to 32 simultaneous channels, so you can sample in surround or route DAW track to GigaStudio 3 for processing through GigaPulse. You can still import WAV files to put together samples from sound files on your hard disk.

Sound libraries

The best composers and arrangers in the music world rely on GigaStudio for accurate, musical sounds for their productions and film scores. GigaStudio's exclusive Quicksearch technology makes finding the right sound quick and easy. GS3 Ensemble includes a total of 10GB of samples, a huge library to construct your materpieces with. And with GigaStudio 3.0, those sound libraries have become even more realistic and musical.

For example, GigaPiano II is the followup to the piano that started it all. This bright, 7'4" Kawai piano was sampled with 24-bit resolution. Each key was recorded for its full decay at 7 velocity layers with the pedal up, and another 7 with the pedal down. The piano's soundboard was recorded and imported into GigaPulse Pro with the pedal up and down. This results in the most convincing piano sample yet released, where the performance actually interacts with the soundboard like a real grand piano.

Libraries and demos included with GigaStudio 3.0 Ensemble:

Bigga Gigga: DX7 Classic, Parameter Pad
DT Sounds: Puilli
Jim Corrigan: Tri Cone Demo, Wood & Metal Body resonator Demo
Notre Dame de Budapest: NDB GPR Fonds + Quint, NDB POS Scharff, NDB REC - Voix Humaine, GigaPulse impulse: Notre Dame Cathedral
Post Musical Instruments: Bosendorfer 290 Demo, Emperer Demo, Old Lady Demo
Project SAM: GS3 Promo Stage (Horns, Trombones, Percussion, etc.), GS3 Promo Close
SampleTekk: Recorder, Snare (Brush, mallet, stick, etc.)
Sonic Implants: Ensemble Brass Staccato, Strings Con Sordino, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Strat, Hammond B3, Loose Yamaha Kit, World Percussion
Composer's Choice: Composer's Choice Demo (Solo violin, etc.)
Larry Seyer: Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums Big and Beefy, Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums Thunderous, Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums Small and Tight, Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums Optimised Montineri Snare
Scarbee: Imperial Drums Demo
Westgate Studios: Guitar, Percussion, Trumpet
Art Vista: Virtual Grand Piano Demo
Vienna Symphonic Library: Viola ensemble legato, VSL Clarinet Legato, Bas Ensemble Alternation, Horn Ensemble Repetition, E Guitar Repetition

  • Incredible library of samples
  • Powerful sequencing, mixing, sampling, effects, MIDI, recording, and editing capabilities
  • Up to 160 voice polyphony
  • Support for ReWire
  • 24-bit/96kHz instrument support
  • DSP Station mixer section
  • Quick Edit control editor
  • VST plug-in hosting
  • Realtime surround sound convolution
  • Intelligent MIDI rules including Expanded Legato, Alternation, Round Robin, and Random sample
  • Simultaneous recording for 64 audio streams
  • Unlimited MIDI instrument stacking
  • Up to 256 dimensions for expressive keyswitches and crossfades
  • GSIF 2.0 with Kernel Level MIDI and support for 32 channels of audio input and 64 channels of output
  • GigaPulse SP
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