Tascam DP-03 Digital Portastudio  

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The DP-03 Digital Portastudio gives you the freedom to record two tracks at a time at CD quality to affordable SD/SDHC cards using XLR microphone preamps or a pair of built-in condenser microphones. D... Click To Read More About This Product

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The DP-03 Digital Portastudio gives you the freedom to record two tracks at a time at CD quality to affordable SD/SDHC cards using XLR microphone preamps or a pair of built-in condenser microphones. During recording you can manipulate reverb and the 2-band EQ using dedicated knobs for simple operation. When your production is finished, easily transfer it to your computer via a USB 2.0 cord or burned onto a CD using an internal drive.

A pair of inputs can be routed to any tracks, providing condenser microphones with phantom power when required. The DP-03 inputs also include 1/4" line and instrument level switches for recording sources like drum machines, guitar, and bass. A chromatic tuner and metronome are built in for assembling polished performances. Once recorded, tracks can be bounced, autopunched, and edited.

Like the DP-02 before it, the DP-03 uses an array of dedicated controls for mixing, combined with a simple menu interface for editing and other features. New mastering effects like EQ and multiband compression have been added for radio-ready masters. With so much power in a compact package, the DP-03 makes recording affordable, portable, and fun.

  • 8-track Digital Portastudio with CD Burner
  • Records to SD/SDHC Card media
  • Import audio tracks from CD
  • Built-in stereo condenser microphone
  • Two XLR microphone inputs with phantom power
  • 1/4" stereo line inputs
  • Switchable instrument-level input for guitar/bass direct recording
  • Multiband mastering effects
  • 2-band EQ per track
  • Internal reverb processor with dedicated send per track
  • Chromatic tuner and metronome
  • Track editing, autopunch, and bounce features
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dimensions: 11.4"W x 2.1"H x 8.2"D
    Weight: 4 lb.
Tape machines - 90 day warranty; one year parts warranty.
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TASCAMDP-03 Digital Portastudio

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Great product

I would say that this is the best piece of equipment I have bought, and I have bought quite a few pieces. This is my first recorder I have owned but have had experience...Read complete review

I would say that this is the best piece of equipment I have bought, and I have bought quite a few pieces. This is my first recorder I have owned but have had experience with many others from people I know. This was by far the best I have tried. Learning to use it is the biggest trouble I had with it and it's not a hard to understand when you read through the first like 5 pages of the manual. Once you got that you are set, and the sound quality is great. I haven't been able to stop using since I got it. I would highly recommend.


Most Liked Negative Review


How does this differ from the DP-02?

I purchased the DP-02 device a few months ago and it works great. I love the dual recoding features (2 tracks of recording simultaniously), CD input for recording directly onto the...Read complete review

I purchased the DP-02 device a few months ago and it works great. I love the dual recoding features (2 tracks of recording simultaniously), CD input for recording directly onto the CD, plus the preamp feature with the effects. You don't even need a tube amp, just go and buy a guitar processor like the RP-355 which has tons of built in effects, and attach that directly to the DP02/03 straight out of the guitar(s). No one will ever be able to tell that recording was done without an amp! But I don't see the difference between the DP-03 and the DP-02. If anybody knows, please share. Thanks

Reviewed by 12 customers

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Tascam DP-03

By Gary

from Magee, MS

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

With 5 stars --- it's good, tough and DEEpendable. Had mine for about 2 years, no problems, never. Now that's good. Gary Padgett


Great Bargain

By Gary Bland

from Des Moines, IA

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

After wrestling with my Cakewalk Home Studio software and M-Audio drivers on numerous laptops and home pc's I finally threw in the towel and purchased this a month ago. My first project was recording a soundtrack and adding two vocal tracks. The process and operation was pretty intuitive and the manual is well written. Three things I really love are the having everything in one unit, zero latency, and the ability to burn a CD. Looking forward to much more recoding on this little gem. The only reason I am not giving this 5 Stars is that I haven't compared it with the competition and have not used it very long.

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Not So Great

By Greg Heinrich

from Newport News, VA

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

I bought this unit after reading all of the other reviews and ended up extremely disappointed. I had to return the first unit because the volume pot and the headphone jack had issues and the sound would cut in and out when I adjusted the output level to the headphones, or if I touched the jack even slightly. The second unit I received on the exchange had the exact same issue but not quite as bad as the first!! So there is obvously a systemic quality issue. And by the way, it was not my headphones - I tried it with three different pairs with same result. And this is a non-returnable item, so I'm just living with it now. Also, I am surprised at the other reviews - I don't find the sound quality to be great like the other reviews raved on. Now I have not used an external mic yet, but using the internal mics, the sound quality is "tape recorder like" in my opinion. I have a Tascam hand held digital recorder (DR-7) that has excellent sound quality. I was expecting similar sound quality with the DP-3, but it's just not close. I would not recommend this product to a friend.

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Tascam DP-03

By William Ostrander

from Cheyenne, WY

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

Granted, my recording projects are purely recreational. However, this little 8 track will do more than I will probably ever conceivably need. It could do more with someone knowledgeable in digital recording. The only thing lacking on mine is a qualified operator. However, with my limited digital recording experience, I have been able to produce some really nice recordings. It beats my old cassette tape 4 track hands down. It comes with some EQ, Reverb and Mastering (Compression, Leveling, EQ, etc.) digital effects as well. Not professional quality effects but still acceptable, in my opinion. Do yourself a favor and ad a good condenser mic, quality headphones (or power monitor speakers) and some digital effects. This does NOT have a sound loop for the effects but with the proper unit you can run the effects before the recorder. Personally, I would also ad a tube preamp, compressor and some room engineering. But you can still get fairly good recordings without any extras. The unit comes with 2 built-in condenser mics that are OK but not great. Overall, for the musician just starting out recording, this unit will take you well beyond beginner status. Personally, I only use around 6 tracks but this will record over 30 tracks after you learn to bounce tracks. It will only record two tracks at a time. XLR and 1/4" inputs. You can also download tracks from existing CD's. It stores WAV files onto a SD card but will create a CD that is playable in any CD player or you can download directly to your PC using USB 2.0. For my use, the flexibility of digital file storage is a huge plus.

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A Device With A Lot Of Potential: Tascam DP-03

By David Slatton

from Reno,NV

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

The only reason I gave this little gem a 4 star rating is because Tascam also offers 24 and 32 track digitals for home recording so I thought I'd save a star.Someday,hopefully, I'll probably get around to using that last star.And when and if that day ever does come, I'll definitely stick with Tascam. The 24s and 32s are a little higher in the cost department but they have more FX and you don't have to bounce tracks as often. I've had this for around 4 months now and I'm now back to being an inspired 61 year old musician with an enthusiasm level that you usually only find with much younger and hungrier musicians.I am so happy with my Tascam DP-03 that if I wasn't currently disabled, I'd probably attempt to do some somersaults. When I first plugged the DP-03 /CD burner in and listened to the demo that it comes with,I immediately heard the possibilities.This is no toy.This is a very professional sounding device for serious musicians.Maybe you're thinking "At a price that's so low"? Yes, at a price so low.If you have a love of music like I do, when you finally get to the point where you are getting the full potential out of this thing,people that hear your music won't be able to tell the difference if you used a huge studio or the Tascam.It has built-in Mastering tools also.If you don't currently have a very nice mic, well, this comes with two very nice condenser mics that are built in.And you don't have to put you mouth right on the mics.They are that good. I've only had my Tascam for about 4 months so I'm still learning about everything.And the more I learn about it, the happier I am with it.To be honest with you, it only comes with reverb and EQ ( but for each track and they can be tweaked).And with the newer equipment they're coming out with these days, you can bounce all you want with no noticeable loss of sound. I'm 61 years old.I came from a musical background where we enjoyed a lot of experimentation when it came to sound.Late 60s early 70s.And so I also run my sounds, except the acoustic guitar, through a Boss VF-1 effects processor( used price is really good).Remember, if you aren't already aware of this, always turn your gains and volumes down and gradually bring everything up to the proper levels.If not then you can wreak your equipment. It comes with a 2 GB SD-Card so I went to Best Buy and picked up an 8 GB SD-Card for 10 bucks.The Tascam takes you through the easy steps and quickly formats it for you.Amazing.And now the amount of room I get for my songs is a whole lot more.And you can even put a higher GB SD-Card in.The volume levels are so good on the Tascam that you have to turn them down at times, which is a whole lot better than trying to get more volume. You never have to worry about that with the Tascam. My own personal opinion is that this little device is worth way more than what they are asking for it.Thank-you Tascam.It's great to know that there are still companies around that don't overcharge you for great equipment.

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Awesome and extremely user friendly

By Casey Shannon

from the sticks, florida

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

I bought this portastudio because Im not computer literate, and I am too lazy to change that, and Im glad thats the case. The DP03 does everything I could ever want it to for my recording applications. The built in condenser mics are more than sufficient, and particularly useful for anything indie/low fi, but you can also got a good clear sound from them as well. Lots of options for built in reverb, lots of options for adjusting eq, and like I say in the title, this recorder is easier to work than a door nob. The only gripe I have with it is when punching in, it only allowes you two seconds of playback before the punch in point, and I wish it were more... but that small setback is more than made up for in sheer practicality and ease of use.... you will not regret picking one of these up

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After studying videos and reading the manual, it works great

By Jim Howell

from Pasadena, Texas

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

U-tube demos helped. I couldn't be happier with this machine. CDs sound great. It truly does it all. Nothing to wear out. Works well with other older Tascam products and drum machines.

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Tascam Breeds Greatness!

By michael chomas

from Pittsburgh, PA

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

Tascam has developed a perfect multi-track recording unit with the DP-03. It's so simple to operate and the sound quality you can get out ov it is superb. The fact that it can handle the sonic overload that my style ov music tends to produce, that style being Black Metal with some Tech-Death brutality peppered throughout, only proves the magnificence ov this unit. Every step ov operation from recording, editing, mix-down, mastering and whatever else you would want a multi-track unit to be capable ov, this one is, and is quick to navigate through as well. I recommend this product to any musician who wants to produce studio quality compositions at their own leisure. One small thing that urks me about this unit is the normalization feature in the mastering operation. It seems to, at least when I have executed the function, to make the volume ov the finished master-track uneven in certain spots. When in fact it is supposed to actually raise the volume ov certain parts ov the track and keep everything even. The volume will literally move up and down just enough to notice and therefore ruin the experience for all. I simply do not execute the normalize function and am happier for it. cheers

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Professional Quiality Recording

By Cody Dew

from Toledo, OH

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

My band got this a few months ago to do some recording to put on cd's and such,and I am amazed at the results. The builit-in microphones offer good sound if you set up your intruments right. If you get some microphones and record seperatly, you can get the sound quality of a professional. The built-in cd burner saves a lot of time, and the 8 tracks allow you to record all your instruments and more. This is the best recording peice for the price! 10/5!!!!

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To Maaurice Re:Differences-

By Arnold

from Fontana, Ca.

Comments about TASCAM DP-03 Digital Portastudio:

The dp-02 has a 40Gb internal hard drive and records to cd. The dp-03 records on sd cards. No internal memory. This seems to be the only difference.

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