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Tannoy Precision 8D Active Studio Monitor - Each

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The Precision 8D reference monitor from Tannoy is an active version of the Precision 8 range incorporate powerful digital amplification and advanced electronic processing that together take full advan... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Precision 8D reference monitor from Tannoy is an active version of the Precision 8 range incorporate powerful digital amplification and advanced electronic processing that together take full advantage of the drivers' capabilities. The result is greater dynamic range and low-frequency extension, higher output levels, lower distortion and enhanced reliability.

The Precision 8D reference monitor addresses the needs of professional users in recording, broadcast and post-production. Designed using the latest techniques, including Klippell symmetry and nonlinear distortion analysis, laser scanning interferometry and advanced acoustic CAD simulation. The Precision range takes its place as the new reference monitoring standard for professional users.

From the front:
• 40mm MDF sculpted baffle — stiff, heavy and rigid and minimizes diffraction.
• Recessed drive units flush with the baffle surface — minimizes diffraction.
• 10 point fixing maximizes contact between drive unit and baffle.
• Drive unit development using Klippell analysis equipment to minimize offsets and linearise the suspension components.
• Cast chassis Tannoy Dual Concentric point source constant directivity driver. Effectively two drivers properly merged into one, with the HF mounted on the back of the LF unit so that both drivers are on the same axis, As a result sound energy is propagated from the same point and delivered through the center of the low frequency cone providing a true point source. This integrated approach provides a constant time delay over the frequency spectrum offering better transient performance and sound quality with better harmonic alignment than a displaced source monitor design. The crucial benefit at the mix position is the delivery of a more natural and cleaner sound with greatly enhanced intelligibility.
• A key benefit of the Dual design is a very wide 'sweet spot' with an exceptionally even response throughout the listening area and extraordinary transient response. This phase accurate Tannoy designed drive unit has, for all these reasons, been the choice of professional studio engineers for decades.
• Tannoy SuperTweeter extends the amplitude response beyond 20kHz audibility to 50kHz to correct the phase response from 8kHz to 20kHz within the audible band. This preserves the harmonic structure of sounds and the stability of the stereo image.
• Smooth tweeter faceplate contours prevent diffraction and cavity effects.

From the side:
• 18mm MDF cabinet construction provides stiffness and minimizes coloration.
• Internal construction braces the sides and rear of the cabinet against the rear of the bass driver to provide a rigid reactive mass for the moving cone assembly. Ensures fast tight bass response and clear midrange.
• Front baffle and rear panel tongued and grooved into the cabinet as a mechanical interlock for safety if wall mounted.

From the rear:
• Double insulated to prevent ground loops — no safety earth required.
• CSA/CE/CCC/CB full safety approvals including China.
• Spare fuse in IEC mains connector.
• On/Off mains isolator switch.
• Substantial heat sinking for long term cool running and 24/7 reliability.
• XLR and 1/4" jack Combi connector for balanced input.
• Switch adjacent to XLR selects digital or analogue input.
• RCA input for SPDIF with 75 Ohm terminating impedance.
• 2nd RCA for SPDIF output for slaving a stereo pair.
• Yellow LED indicator lights up when digital lock is achieved.
• 3-way switch selects which channel of the SPDIF stream is decoded, marked Left/Right/Mono. Switching is post 2 channel DAC.
• Trim/Gain control over +6dB/-12dB range reference 0dBV (0.775V) input for full rated output.
• Trim/Gain control works on SPDIF input post DAC.
• Switch selection of 12dB/8ve 80Hz hi-pass filter for use with AV subwoofers.
• First bank of 10 DIP switches controls LF alignment, mid/near/close field and half/quarter/eighth space compensation.
• Second bank of DIP switches controls mid band and HF shelving trim.
• Note that the DIP switch flat setting is shown on the back panel artwork.
• Small hole to the right of the right hand switch bank allows the factory set HF trim on test to be fine trimmed by a service agent if a tweeter needs to be replaced.


  • 40mm thick contoured baffle with brushed aluminum inlay
  • Dual Concentric constant directivity drive unit
  • Driver lossy-coupled to cabinet
  • 10 screw driver chassis fixing
  • Tannoy SuperTweeter takes the monitor bandwidth performance out to 51kHz
  • Extended HF phase response
  • Ferrofluid cooled HF units
  • SPDIF 96KHz input with slave output to second speaker
  • Left/Right/Mono select on SPDIF
  • Balanced XLR/Jack Combi input connector
  • +6/-12dB trim control on SPDIF and analogue line input
  • 80Hz high-pass switch (for AV use)
  • Front mounted On/Mute/Energy saver switch
  • Front mounted LED status indicator
  • Rear mounted mains isolation switch
  • Far/Mid/Near field select
  • Full//Half/Quarter/Eighth space select
  • Bass alignment select
  • Mid band trim select
  • HF trim select
  • Factory HF trim for service /workshop calibration
  • Full CSA/CE/CCC/CB approvals
  • Frequency Response: 59Hz to 51kHz
  • Max SPL: 116dB
  • Distortion: <0.5%
    Dispersion(@-6dB): 90 degrees
  • Dual Concentric LF/MID: 165mm (6") Dual Concentric constant directivity driver with multi fiber paper pulp cone
  • Dual Concentric HF: 25mm (1") titanium dome, neodymium magnet system, SuperTweeter 25mm (1") titanium dome, neodymium magnet system
  • Shielded: Yes
  • Inputs: Balanced XLR/Jack, SPDIF Phono
  • SPDIF: sampling rate 44.1 - 96kHz
  • Sensitivity: 775mV for 75W
  • Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz
  • Amplifier output power: LF - 75W, HF - 35W, ST - passive feed from HF
  • User Controls: Front panel mounted on/standby/mute LED indicator, Rear trim +4/-10dB, 80Hz hi-pass switch (for AV use), 16way DIP switch selection for optimum response
  • Outputs: SPDIF RCA
  • Power Supply: Fixed mains voltage - region specific (to order) 110/220/230v
  • Type: Optimized bass-reflex loaded
  • Construction: MDF cabinet, front baffle T&G front and back
  • Finish: Black cabinet Grey painted baffle with brushed aluminum inlay
  • Cabinet dimensions (H x W x D): 356mm x 220mm x 378mm (14" x 8 5/8" x 17 7/8")
  • Total Cabinet weight: 13kg (228.6 lbs)
  • Activ-Assist: Activ-Assist PC/MAC based software-measuring system to assist with the setting of the DIP switches to reach a substantially linear and flat response at the monitoring position
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All active and electronic components are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase from an authorised Tannoy dealer subject to the absence of, or evidence of, misuse, overload or accidental damage.

If at any time during this warranty period the equipment proves to be defective for any reason other than accident, misuse, neglect, unauthorised modification or fair wear and tear, we will repair any such manufacturing defect or, at our option, replace it without charge for labour, parts or return carriage.

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