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Iron Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal Bonus Package

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Tama's Iron Cobra Bonus Package is back by popular demand. In addition to the legendary Iron Cobra Power Glide double bass drum pedal, the pack includes •The Cobra Coil (attached) • 4 additional beate... Read More


Tama's Iron Cobra Bonus Package is back by popular demand. In addition to the legendary Iron Cobra Power Glide double bass drum pedal, the pack includes •The Cobra Coil (attached) • 4 additional beater heads • a special design Tama mini-flashlight
Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Pedal:
This is the kick drum pedal that can take you to new heights with blinding speed and power that's smoother, quieter, and more sensitive than you ever thought possible. Iron Cobra is the result of Tama's work with numerous drummers in the tireless pursuit of the ultimate pedal.

The Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Pedal is easy to adjust, and has double-chained offset Power Glide cams that provide added acceleration and power to meet any drummers needs.

Power Glide Cams
The best selling Iron Cobra of the series, the Power Glide models, feature double-chained offset cams, which increase power and speed as the beater reaches the end of stroke.

Cobra Pedal Housing
Iron Cobra drum pedals come equipped with nylon insulators for the bearing housings inside the pedal frame. The insulators keep the bearings centered in place and secured in the most stable position. This ensures proper bearing support for the drive shaft without unnecessary stress. The end result of these improvements is the smoothest pedal action possible.

Tama eliminated another source of friction by replacing the traditional nylon rocker cam with the Speedo-Ring, a rocker cam with a high quality built-in ball bearing rocker.

Oiles Bearing Hinge
Offering even less friction than standard ball bearing, Oiles bearings also eliminate side-to-side motion and provide superior durability (which is why they're used in the aerospace industry).

Spring Tight
Twisting springs severely reduce pedal smoothness. Spring Tight, a clever half-moon shaped spring tension rod, keeps the spring from twisting so there's never any loss of power transmission.

Iron Cobra Beater
The Iron Cobra beater adjusts the beater head angle to guarantee a flat hit to the bass drum head every time, translating your strike into maximum power. In addition, it's easy to obtain different bass drum sounds simply by changing the beater head.

Vari-Pitch Beater Holder
Vari-Pitch beater angle adjustments are completely independent of footboard angle. The Speedo-Ring allows you to adjust the angle of the footboard link independently of the beater angle. And with the combination of the Speedo-Ring and the Vari-Pitch, you can achieve any kind of stroke and also enjoy improved playability.

Para-Clamp II
Para-Clamp keeps your pedal flat on the floor no matter what your bass drum angle. The Para-Clamp is tightened from the side so you never have to insert your finger under the footboard. And since you can clamp your pedal to hoops up to 14mm (9/16") in thickness, Iron Cobra will fit just about any bass drum in the market.

Tight Lock
Tight Lock makes sure the beater shaft stays put by fixing and locking the square head bolt, which fixes the beater shaft.

Quick-Hook not only allows rapid spring attachment and reattachment for rapid set up and tear down, it also eliminates wobbling and allows maximum power transmission to the Speedo-Ring. And you never have to worry about it slipping off during performance.

Carrying Cases

You know what pedals go through night after night. After being stomped on over and over, they get thrown in bags and roadcases where there's more hard rock and roll than the gig itself. That's why the Iron Cobras come with a specially designed protective carrying case. It's amazing no one thought of it before.

Includes case.

Features Includes:
  • Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide double bass drum pedal
  • The Cobra Coil spring assist system
  • 4 additional beater heads
  • A special design Tama mini-flashlight
  • Hard carrying case
Iron Cobra Power Glide:
  • Double-chained offset Power Glide cams
  • Cobra Pedal Housing
  • Easy to adjust
  • Oiles Bearing Hinges
  • Iron Cobra Beaters
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Great Pedal For The Price

By JackieMoon

from Fairview Heights, IL

The first time I played these pedals, I was more or less excited to be rid of my old PDP's and actually playing something more professional. They're responsive, powerful, and almost infinitely customizable (similar to the Demon Drive, but I'd venture to say even more customizable). They definitely increased my double bass speed and accuracy. I would recommend that anyone wanting to step up from a toy pedal to a real one to spend the money on these.

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It's ok!!

By 13

from bangkok

Tama,trick,axis or anything 70% it's all about your pratice.if you have trick pedal doesn't mean you are Chris adler! But iron cobra is pretty good for me..

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best pedal

By PorkPieDrummer

from Fullerton, CA

WOW, so ive played them all, the DW, pearl, trick, all that jazz and I love this pedal. When I played the heavy metal I got all the speed out of the double that I wanted, and even now that I've dropped off the 2nd beater and just play single pedal, my heel-toe is insanely fast and I can get whatever kind of beat out of this I want. I've been told just my single pedal 16th note speed sounds just like I'm playing a double bass pedal. Screw the DWs the 9000s are overrated nobody needs that many adjustments, even the pros just play the 5000, but I love these pedals and wouldn't play anything else.

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Freakin' Awesome!

By Scott

from Spring Run, PA

Went to my local GC store with intentions of buying the new Pearl Demon Drive double. Much to my suprise I left with the Cobra double. I tried out all of the pedals in the store (DW, Pearl, PDP, Yamaha, etc.) and by far I liked the Cobra the best out of all of them, even the Demon Drive (which honestly is not all it's cracked up to be). This Iron Cobra is lightning quick, smooth, quiet, and powerful. Set up was a breeze. If you're a beginner or been playing for a long time, I highly recommend checking these out. Don't go by reviews and don't go by marketing. Go to your local GC store and try them out first hand.

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By Tanner

from lawrence KS

I was at my local GC playing the single iron cobra (but i got the double) and i fell in love instantly it was so smooth and was extremly powerful the only problem was the recoil (it bouncing back) was between really bad and annoying and when i play without shoes the beater always hits my foot in the comeback process it hurts really bad when your playing fast lol but aside from the pain it was by far the best pedal i tried it has 3 beaters wood rubber and felt i use the rubber cuz it gives it a hard loud kinda high pitch thud and i use the felts sometimes which are warm but the wood will tear your head up unless you have one of those covers very easy to change heads and for touring people or gigs the pedal folds down fast and sets up fast P.S. I LOVE THE FLASHLIGHT THAT COMES WITH it lol

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Great pedals (some flaws)

By Kallen Kortuem

from Madison Lake, MN

This is a very good pedal about the best other than the dw 9002. I have had these for about a year and a half and they are starting to wear out, I mean they are still playable but the elbow joints that connect the shaft to the pedals are starting to wear out (ex. if you hold the beater and wiggle the joint on the left pedal there is about a half a millimeter of slack)note that it was not like that when I bought it, it was a very solid direct connection, the wear is due to constant hard playing. Also the elbow joint connects to the shaft by only one set screw and I noticed it doesn't hold it very securely and gone unchecked for to long will start to round the shaft in that area, but this is fixable I just cut off the rounded area and drilled a little bit but not all the way through into the area where the set screw meets up with the shaft so that it gives it an even more solid hold. so the only real issue I have with this pedal is the elbow joint, no way to fix it without either buying a replacement joint or getting new pedals, in my case I have been playing for 10 years so I think the best choice for me will be to just upgrade to DW9002s. but unless you're not willing to dish out the cash for Trick Pro-v1,Dominator or DW 9002 I would say this would be the best pedal to get.

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Amazing pedal

By Jes��1/4s

from Mexico

This has to be the greatest pedal I've used so far, it has fast response, smooth action and is very stable, also it has no squealing noises when you play with it. I've used Yamaha's, Pearl's and Mapex's twin pedals, but, aside from the DW's, this is the most amazing pedal.

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By Wobo

from oak harbor, WA

This is my first double pedal, and it's perfect! I ordered it because I heard the Tama Iron Cobra was defiantly the best value compared to the DW series. All I can say is, the pedal provides awesome quick action, but with power, and it's so durable, it never breaks (well maybe not NEVER, but it'll last a LONG TIME) As far as the package deal goes, this one comes with some extra beats and the 'Cobra Coil'. Since I've never played IC without the CC, I have nothing to compare, but it's still awesome. Who knows why Tama discontinued the Iron Cobra?

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This pedal is a must have!!

By Ryen

from MO

I just got this pedal home and hooked up. This thing is awesome! Pure speed and power. I had a Pearl Eliminator before this and there is no comparison, the Iron Cobra blows it away! It's so smooth and fast and now with the Cobra Coil the rebound is insane. I don't know why this wasn't my first choice, but I am so glad that I have it now. If you are looking for a good solid pedal that will deliver, this is it!

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