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TC Helicon VoiceWorks Vocal Processor
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      TC Helicon VoiceWorks Vocal Processor (183026)

A complete vocal channel with extensive effects.

The TC Helicon VoiceWorks Vocal Processor is hands-down the best harmony generator in its class. Creates 4-voice harmonies and 4 harmony modes and provides transparent pitch correction and fat automatic double-tracking, all so realistic you can solo them with confidence. It also includes superb T.C. Electronic effects and new HarmonyHold which lets you freeze your backing harmonies while you sing over them. Add a quality mic preamp, compression, EQ, tap-tempo delay, and reverbs and you have a complete vocal channel with 100 user presets.

TC Helicon VoiceWorks Vocal Processor Features:

  • HybridShift harmony generation for smooth, natural sound
    4 independent harmony voices, 4 distinct harmony modes: scale, chord, shift, and MIDI notes
    2 lead-voice thickening voices — one above, one below
    Humanization of harmony voices using FlexTime, vibrato, inflection, pitch randomization, and portamento
    T.C. Electronic compressor/gate
    T.C. Electronic reverb/tap-tempo delay
    Song mode for live performance allows you to save internal sequences of up to 50 songs with 30 user presets per song
    MIDI CC control over all parameters
    Selectable equal-tempered and just tuning for harmonies
    Scale-based pitch correction for studio and live performance
    Fully adjustable gender and voicing per voice
    High-quality mic preamp with 48V phantom power
    TC Electronic 3-band EQ plus low cut

Product Reviews
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  • This processor works as advertised

    As reviewed by Frank on 11/16/2009

    Prior to purchase, I'd read a ton of reviews on this unit. I was primarily concerned with how user-friendly it would be. My band currently records with a Tascam all-in-one unit. We've been able to get good results recording drums and instruments.......but the vocal sound has lagged far behind. No more. Adding Voiceworks has changed everything. It took us only ONE evening to figure out much of what we'll be using. The vocal thickening is excellent......we were amazed at the improvement in our leads.....warm and full.......and the unit-generated harmonies are smooth, and only sound "mechanical" if you want them to. We were easily able to hook up a remote midi keyboard and allow the harmonies to follow the key changes as they were played. Worked seamlessly. A pleasant surprise was that the unit can be tuned down or up a full-half step. This suited us perfectly, as our whole band tunes down a half step on everything we play. No need to transpose! Do yourself a favor.....download the software off the net and do your programming from a laptop. We did....and it worked perfectly. If you try to program from the unit display only, you will probably drive yourself crazy. We've only scratched the surface, but have already decided this unit is well-worth the cost. If you plan to use "Song" mode, or use the unit live, don't waste time........buy the footswitch. Bottom line here.........pony up the extra dough and get this unit......it's worth it. I can't supply info on customer service, as I haven't had to use it.

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  • Worth the money

    As reviewed by Dave on 5/29/2007

    I use this live every week. Back in 2000 I bought the Digitech Vocalist, but after a year of trying everything possible to make it "good", I gave up, and 5 years later bought Voice Works. Voice Works' harmonies are impressive at first, but I found that the more I looked at them with a critical eye, the more I realized that these harmonies could only be used sparingly. I have spent many hours tweaking each parameter in Voice Works, and there are a lot of them. I've meticulously "A-B'd" different settings, and recorded everything, and listened back many times so as to really be able to hear what happens when different parameters are changed. After all that work (months of it) I came to conclusions as to which parameter settings sound best for me ... but still, it's not really a "panacea" for not having other live vocalists. Nevertheless, I do use the harmonies on occasion every week, because it's a fun effect. But "effect" it is; it's still not good enough for me to really boast about (and I really wish I could boast about them!) I'll mention that since I'm doing live work, I considered the footpedal version "Voice Live" or whatever -- my advice is to go with this one instead. For me, playing keys, I already don't have enough room for a big foot pedal box. My keyboard stand needs some room, too, as does my sustain pedal. Furthermore, with some reading and experimenting, I was able to configure 4 of my keyboard's faders to send out MIDI-cc messages to Voice Works, so I can control the MIDI volume of the 4 Voice Works voices -- live, dynamically, in real time. That's very nice! Also, I configured a separate 3-switch foot switch to enable me to turn the harmonies on/off and to increment or decrement the Vocal Works patch number, so that I can program different patches with different harmony voices and switch them in real time. With this switching capability, it pretty-much makes "Voice Live" unnecessary, I feel. Now, I will say that in spite of my being only partially thrilled with the harmonies, I still think that Voice Works is worth the money! I could have returned mine, but no way. Why? Because of 3 things: 1.) the preamp. What's the big deal about that? All I can say is that when I sing through Voice Works, even with no harmonies or doubling or special effects, the sound is significantly "warmer" than without it. In fact, it's beautiful. 2.) the voice-correction. My friends and wife are happy to remind me that my voice needs some tweaking (and some think seriously-so). Although I think their judgment is off-base, I'll say this: when I put on voice-correction (which itself has several tuneable parameters which I tweaked for weeks) it adds a "detuning" effect to my own voice which fattens it. Presumably, the Voice Works version of my voice is the accurate one and my real voice is the "detuned" version, I suppose. It's not quite like a guitar phaser, but has just a tinge of that quality -- but it is not "weird". I have sung through digital phasers and chorus units, and I know what they sound like. This is much more natural than that, and is not distracting. In fact, it gives my voice a more "studio" sound quality. It's great. 3.) the voice doubler -- I only use this on occassion, just like the harmony voices. I use it because I want to really kick through the clutter around me. And it does it. It's like having a superhuman voice that can mow down the "forest" of noise and audio competition around you. I wouldn't advise using it constantly, like any effect, but judiciously. It's another excellent weapon in the arsenal. Also, by the way, I've experimented with using Voice Works as an effects-loop processor as well. It works OK, but to do this means you lose out on its preamp capability, which is only available if you plug the mic directly into it. Hey, buy this for yourself -- not for your band. Treat yourself good for once and plug your mic directly into it, which means you won't be sharing it with anyone else, and take some time to really experiment with it. By the way... for keyboard players ... it's important to realize that you'll probably need to adjust your keyboard playing so as to make Voice Works sound right. Specifically, most keyboardists seem to practically STAND ON their sustain pedal. If you do this, you're gonna be sorry with Voice Works. You'll need to learn to release the sustain pedal each time you change chords -- because Voice Works bases its harmonies on the chords you are playing ... and if you have the sustain pedal down, even though the previous chord may have faded out from your hearing, it's still playing at an electronic (MIDI) level, and so that previous chord + the new chord will both be playing simultaneously as far as Voice Works' circuitry is concerned, so you'll get harmonies which are messed up -- they're based on both chords, and not on the chord that you "think" you are playing. Like I say, there's some work to do to make this thing sound best ... but it's worth it. If you only play "presets" on your keyboard (like as if it were a Casio), then this Voice Works' sound may suffer because you may be too lazy to dig into it to make it sound best! Having good vocals, however, is an investment which has potentially huge paybacks, so in my books, it's worth taking the time to really work on. Don't expect this thing to just be plug-and-play. You didn't learn to play your instrument by taking it out of the box and plugging it in, so don't be unrealistic in assessing the investment to make your vocals the best they can be.

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  • Best ang for your buck!!!

    As reviewed by Frank Valenti on 9/27/2006

    I have owned the TC Helicon VoiceWorks for about 5 weeks now and I could not conceive how I ever got along without it. I am an active touring musician who has been in the businesss for a long time, but has never been 100% satisfied with one single piece of equipment. It has everything I need to make me feel confident on stage, even when my voice is tired from show after show after show! It delivers the most natural sounding pitch correction I have ever used, and the other features such as Voice Doubling packs a hard punch during those choruses where I need it most. The harmony option, along with everything else it offers, lets me give the audience a quality vocal performance that I only use to deliver in the studio. I don't see myself EVER taking it out of my rackmount.

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