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TC Electronic Fabrik R Reverb Plug-in for Powercore

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Fabrik R combines four new TC algorithms in one single plug-in. Thanks to the the Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology (MINT) it is a breeze to find the sound you're hearing inside your head. If you w... Click To Read More About This Product

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Fabrik R combines four new TC algorithms in one single plug-in. Thanks to the the Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology (MINT) it is a breeze to find the sound you're hearing inside your head. If you want to apply a "live" vibe to your vocals and instruments, use the Live Reverb.

For vocals that need an even "larger" quality, choose the Hall Reverb. For that sound of the past as well as for drums and percussion, apply the Plate Reverb. If you're working with guitars try the Club Reverb, which also works great with vocals.

Within each reverb you'll find it very easy to adjust any setting to your own taste. You won't waste time with nitty-gritty preset adjustments”all you really have to worry about is using your ears.

If you go to the Algorithm page you can choose between four different algorithms, which are tantamount to the four different reverbs in the Fabrik R plug-in. In other words, here you can choose which reverb you want to use.

Live You know how live recorded audio sources sometimes have a lot of background noise? Well, quite often what you need is a brighter grainier reverb for that type of audio material, and the Live reverb is perfect for that job. For excellence try adjusting it to medium to long decay times and listen to the result. But the Live reverb will also work splendidly with vocals or instruments that need a clear and to the point reverb. Try it on different material and you'll be surprised about the results.

Hall Often you're conscious about preserving the natural characteristics of your source material, and reluctant to apply to "large" reverbs. Don't worry, the Hall reverb will preserve your audio and add a large hall effect giving you lots of natural sounding "space". For most vocal material this reverb is superior to many other reverbs and you can benefit greatly by using it for various studio applications.

Plate Welcome back in time! In the old days reverberating springs or large metallic plates was used to create a reverb effect. The Plate reverb emulates the era before digital processing was invented and has the sound of "springs and plates". If you're working with a recording of percussive instruments, it will often call for a diffuse, bright and light reverb, and the Plate is just perfect for the job.

Club This reverb is exactly what the doctor ordered if you want to put extra focus on the guitar or the vocals. It emulates a medium sized club, giving a broad yet intimate feel to your audio material. If you've got a recorded guitar that cries out for reverb, but you don't want the "stadium rock" sound, the Club reverb will do the trick, well, that goes for vocals and horns too.

When you go to the tweak page you have direct access to important and easily adjustable tweaking possibilities.

Reverb Here you can control the amount of delay and predelay you want to apply to your reverb. If you're in favor of a tasty delay slightly spiced up with just an ounce of predelay, navigate the XY grid accordingly.
Tip: sometimes it helps closing your eyes and just listening as you "feel" your way through your adjustments.

Modulation When going into the Modulation area, you are about to alter the depth and the rate of the modulation. For some tasks it might be appropriate to apply quite a bit of depth and at other times less, deepening the rate of the modulation instead.
Tip: experiment, listen and learn. You'll be surprised about the results you can achieve if you just have "fun".

Color Knowing how to control the relationship between LoColor, HiFactor and HiColor is by some coined as "mastering the sound of the reverb". Through the XYZ triangle you have all the possibilities to create the "sound" you want.
Tip: to really get superior results, we sometimes have to "forget" what we know, and just listen. If you're in a creative standstill, try a new approach that you might "think" won't work”it will open your ears to new ways of working with audio.

Distance Dry source material, early reflections, reverb. Here you have the choice to blend the three as you want, setting their relationship through the XYZ grid. For that somewhat neutral sound set the dry parameter higher, if your source calls upon a lusher ambience, tweak up the reverb. You can define the location of the source by adjusting the early reflections. Basically speaking, a source reverb is capable of generating multiple, complex early reflection patterns, and what this does, is that it kind of let's you mold a 3D space onto your source material.
Tip: every now and again we mix something to absolute perfection. It happens when you use your intuition and you actually listen to what you're doing. Try it, it works.


Novel UI design”Inbuilt MINT (Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology)
Four new shining TC reverbs: FabrikLive, FabrikHall, FabrikPlate, FabrikClub
Intuitive and easy control over dedicated parameters”Instant gratification
Exceptionally good for vocal, drums & percussion and instrument type source material
Perfectly emulates that illustrious "live" ambience
Control many parameters with few knobs
Based on proven and award winning TC Technology
Windows XP and Mac OS X support
VST, AU and RTAS* support
System Requirements

Desktop, iBook or PowerBook
G4 or G5, 733mHz or better
MacOS 10.3.6 or higher
512 mb Ram or more

Desktop or laptop
Pentium 4, 1.4 Ghz or better
Windows XP or higher
512 mb Ram or more

Works with all PowerCores:
PCI, Element, PCI mkII, Unplugged, Compact and FireWire

VST, Audio Units or RTAS*) compatible application such as Logic, Nuendo, Live or Digital Performer
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