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Synth & MIDI Electric Guitars

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Experimenting with sound can be an exciting experience when it comes to making music. Synth & MIDI electric guitars let you manipulate your signature sound both on stage and in the studio. These uniquely-designed instruments blend new technology with traditional design to bring a totally different spin on the way you play the electric guitar.

There are a couple of different style options with synth & MIDI electric guitars. Synth guitars look and feel like the electric guitar you’re familiar with, but are equipped with special electronic sensors that let you rock digitally-enhanced sounds at the touch of a button. These guitars can be instantly retuned without getting out your pitch pipe or electronic tuner. You can also make the switch to alternative tunings such as drop D, open G and baritone without ever having to touch a peg or pluck a string.

The Peavey AT-200 Auto Tune Electric Guitar gives you perfect tune and perfect tone each and every time you pick it up. Tune all six strings in seconds with Auto-Tune for guitar technology. Simply strum the strings and the tuning is trigged via a button or foot switch. The Peavey AT-200 plays and sounds exactly like a conventional guitar without the bulky hardware to weigh down your music experience.

MIDI electric guitars maintain the true sound of the guitar while incorporating the ability to hook directly into mobile devices, video game systems and computers. The may have the look of a traditionally-styled electric guitar or may look like a more compact version of a full-sized instrument.

The You Rock Guitar 2nd Generation MIDI guitar can be used for recording, composing and creating tabs via MIDI. This instrument connects via USB to your personal computer and can also be used with your iPad to hook up to GarageBand. This versatile instrument never needs tuning and transports super-easily with its lightweight, durable construction.

Tuning into new technology can totally enhance the way you make music. Synth & MIDI electric guitars cut down on the number of instruments you need to get the exact sound you’re looking for, the amount of equipment needed for a show and the tedious process of manually tuning your guitars. If you’re into influencing sound through the use of technology, a synth or MIDI guitar might be the perfect instrument for you.