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Studio Monitor Volume Controllers

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Presonus Monitor Station V2 Desktop Studio Control Center (MONITOR STATION II)
Presonus Monitor Station V2 Desktop Studio Control Center
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Whether you’re recording a professional quality track or experimenting with your own home setup, top quality studio monitors and controllers provide the crucial link between your ears and the music. Every decision you make, from where to place the microphone to find that perfect vocal to finding the right balance of kick and bass in track, comes down to your studio monitors. Part of getting the best sound possible is having excellent supporting equipment, like studio volume controllers.

When every note and vocal you record has to pitch-perfect, you need a professional system that allows you to hear and monitor with absolute clarity. Studio monitor volume controllers are an all-inclusive monitoring and communication system that deliver everything you need to control your recording space. They range dramatically in size and functionality depending on what you need them for. The advanced versions provide talkback, speaker switching, input source switching and multiple headphone amplifiers ideal for a professional studio environment. These crucial devices allow you to select between reference monitors, cue system, compare how a mix translates by playback, and control all monitoring functions in one powerful package. Read More >