Guitar Strap Locks

Investing in solid guitar strap locks is probably one of the best decisions you’ll make as a musician. They’re inexpensive, very useful and could save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Most strap locks are easy to install and you’ll find taking the few minutes to add them to your guitar will go a long way in preserving the life of your treasured instrument.

Whether you play electric, acoustic, bass or double-neck, guitar strap locks help keep your prized possession exactly where it needs to be. Various designs include a button and lock system, push button quick-release or end pins. Most strap locks are made from metal or plastic while some are rust-resistant. There is no right or wrong strap lock; the type you choose all comes down to personal preference.

Looking for something to add a sharp look to your guitar? Take a look at the Ernie Ball Super Locks. Featuring a push-button quick release, these strap locks are simple to install as well as tough and sturdy, which is exactly what you want from something that is making sure your valuable gear stays securely in place while you play. The Planet Waves Quick-Release Guitar Strap System is a great choice for acoustic guitars. It’s strong, secure and you just have to pull it open and snap it closed to attach your strap.

Guitar strap locks quite often fit a variety of guitars and a prime example of this is the Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons (Pair). With their versatile design, these locks can be attached to most guitars without drilling and having to worry about cracking the body. If you want the ability to change straps without messing with strap locks, the Planet Waves Elliptical End Pin Strap Button is an ideal choice. They’ll secure your strap to any guitar without the hassle of bulky hardware. You can even add some visual flair to your guitar with Grover-Trophy Custom Designed Strap Buttons. These oversized die-cast buttons and custom-fitted O-rings safely secure your strap while jazzing up the look of your instrument with stars, skulls or eagle images at the ends.

Guitar strap locks are a small, yet humble accessory that provides big benefits for both you and your instrument. Installing strap locks ensures extra protection while allowing you to customize the look of your guitar. With such a wide range of options, you’re sure to find the right guitar strap locks that best suits your needs.